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This Aloe Vera Blog keeps you informed when I have added new pages to the site. Basically, God's Pharmacy includes all kinds of healing plants that grow around us, so that even the poor can afford healing - if we will but seek and find the answers and solutions He provides.

I keep saying that on this site. God provides so that often, even the weeds under our feet, are intended for our good health and healing. As I share my discoveries, this page shows what I've added most recently.

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Making Ointment

I've taken up making ointment from the medicinal herbs in my garden and flowerbeds. I seem to dobetter every time I try, and I learn more so my ointments improve. You too, can take this up as a hobby and see what it becomes over time.

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Natural Arthritis Remedies

I looked for natural arthritis remedies when I was caring for my Dad, but since then I decidedthat it would pay to research this deeper. Now, about ten years later, I'm finding symptoms of arthritis showing up in my life.I come back to this page for help, and see that I need to update it.

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Overcoming Shingles - Not Just Coping

Overcoming shingles; not just coping becomes a burning desire when you get hit by this re-cycled childhood illness, chicken pox. I know that now from personal experience! Fortunately, I've been finding good advice, and think I've licked the problem. At least for now.

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Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are in the common plants and weeds growing all around us; they have been providedby God for the healing of our ailments and diseases - and I'll tell you about my earliest efforts to learn about them.

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Herbal Respiratory Remedies

When looking for herbal respiratory remedies, are you confused in a health food store, ora drugstore? You want something for your respiratory ailment, but there are so many products? Which will be effective? Itwould help if you knew what some of the terms you find on the packages mean. Like what exactly is anti-catarrhal? Or, demulcent?

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Magnificent Magnesium

Magnificent Magnesium is what Sara needs! Neither Sara or the doctor realize that diuretics will deplete thebody even further of magneisum, so of course, a month later her hypertension numbers are higher. Her doctor feels he caught her problem earlyand just prescribes even higher strengths of hypertension drugs.

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Healing a Fractured Vertebrae in the Spine

What is the process for healing a fractured vertebrae in the spine? Ordinary fractures usually heal on theirown and the pain goes away. However, the pain can persist if your bone got crushed, and does not heal adequately.

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Calendula is sort of a wildflower cousin of the little French Marigold. I've always liked the vivid gold and russetts in my little marigolds. Yet I had no idea there is a family of flowers. Marigolds are edible in salads, and calendula is so beneficial to us for skin conditions, so I make ointments out of it.

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What is Voxx HPT

What is Voxx HPT? Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT) is based on 45 years of research in Neuromuscular Science.It's to do with patterns woven into socks or insoles that you wear, and those patterns activate neuro-points in your feet. Those nerve endings connectto other nerves throughout your body, triggering massage and healing to the other ends of those nerves. This way, without drugs, or anything risky,you can bring on stability, balance, energy and wellness.

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Optimize Your Immune System

To optimize your immune system your neural reflexes and immune responses must be working together,to bring your body back to homeostasis. How can you help that to happen more consistently?

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How to Get Mind and Body Coherent and Cooperative

How to get mind and body coherent and cooperative; yes, a mere Patch on your skin can do this! This video explains it best.

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Help identify my aloe

I need help identifying this aloe ... someone have it to me 3 yrs ago .. it was a scrawny sickly little plant ... it has been thriving my my storefront

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Aloe vera is probably the most potent plant for healing so many things, and this plant has gained popularlity around the world, but God planted it here centuries ago. We are not the first generation to discover its many uses.

There's so much more though! In Genesis God says that He has provided plants for our food and medicine, and the more I explore the benefits of various plants the more I find this to be true. The most obvious products I've discovered in God's Pharmacy, are plants like plantain, (heals and cleanses the body, stops bleeding, etc.), mint (refreshing in teas and salads, and eases bowel gas), calendula, (great in ointments for skin condtions, also teas), comfrey, (also good in topical skin aids, and heals varicose veins, bruises, etc), and so on. There's much to learn!

That's another wonderful feature of God's Pharmacy; you don't have to pay like you do for prescriptions, and you can't get access through health insurance, but you have to make the effort to learn. If you are afraid to experiment, you can stick to what others have explored and learned, but you need to study up on their discoveries. So a commitment of your time and some faith in the repuation and words of others is required. Unless, of course, you have such a personal relationship with the Lord God, that you cam just ask and He will point out which plants to chooses from His Pharmacy.

Ah, that means time in prayer - another good thing!

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