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This Aloe Vera Blog keeps you informed when I have added new pages to the site. Basically, God's Pharmacy includes all kinds of healing plants that grow around us, so that even the poor can afford healing - if we will but seek and find the answers and solutions He provides.

I keep saying that on this site. God provides so that often, even the weeds under our feet, are intended for our good health and healing. As I share my discoveries, this page shows what I've added most recently.

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Large Aloe Vera to Buy

Often I'm asked, where can I find large aloe vera to buy? Since people keep writing to ask me, Ihave hunted online to look for places where you might at least buy some aloe vera plants, and hopefully you can nurture them to agood size.

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Almost everyone recognizes the taste and smell of mint. Perhaps because it is often used in toothpaste, andbreath-freshening candies. It is one of my most favourite herbs, especially for a refreshing tea that soothes away gas and pain and rattled nerves!

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Magnificent Magnesium

Magnificent Magnesium is what Sara needs! Neither Sara or the doctor realize that diuretics will deplete thebody even further of magneisum, so of course, a month later her hypertension numbers are higher. Her doctor feels he caught her problem earlyand just prescribes even higher strengths of hypertension drugs.

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High Blood Pressure Remedies

You, or someone you love, may be needing to hear about high blood pressure remedies. How often doesa friend or relative confide that they have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, and are starting on medications? Many arejumping on that bandwagon, so it takes research to sort them out for the best.

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Herbal Teas

How to prepare herbal teas, or put more simply, to make an infusion from parts of herbs,usually dried ones, to draw out the flavours and active ingredients into water, so we can drink it. Also here, are links tomany old recipes for herbal teas.

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Herbal Tea Remedies e-Book

I've put together an herbal tea remedies e-book from old recipes that have been aroundfor perhaps a hundred years or more. I have not tried them all out, because naturally, not all those ingredients areavailable in my area, but I think they are safe enough to try.

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Herbal Respiratory Remedies

When looking for herbal respiratory remedies, are you confused in a health food store, ora drugstore? You want something for your respiratory ailment, but there are so many products? Which will be effective? Itwould help if you knew what some of the terms you find on the packages mean. Like what exactly is anti-catarrhal? Or, demulcent?

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Growing Aloes From Seed

I received the seeds from and they say to allow three weeks or more for the seeds to come up, and then to leave the tiny seedlingstogether for at least three months to a year before separating them out. So this will be an ongoing experiment for some time.

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Forever Living Products

The Forever living products are food and health supplements, not medicines or treatments. It isquite safe to take the products Forever Living puts out. If you are the kind of person who likes to be informed and take chargeof your health decisions, you will find Forever Living your greatest ally.

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ALVEDAMA - Aloe Vera da Madeira; how the Cowens grow and sell their aloe vera on the islandof Madeira, just off the coast of Portugal.

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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions

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Aloe Vera for Thinning Hair

I have thinning hair, and I have tried everything but nothing worked. I heard aloevera is helpful in restoring and preventing hair loss. Do you know anything about this? How should it be applied to the scalp?

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Aloe vera is probably the most potent plant for healing so many things, and this plant has gained popularlity around the world, but God planted it here centuries ago. We are not the first generation to discover its many uses.

There's so much more though! In Genesis God says that He has provided plants for our food and medicine, and the more I explore the benefits of various plants the more I find this to be true. The most obvious products I've discovered in God's Pharmacy, are plants like plantain, (heals and cleanses the body, stops bleeding, etc.), mint (refreshing in teas and salads, and eases bowel gas), calendula, (great in ointments for skin condtions, also teas), comfrey, (also good in topical skin aids, and heals varicose veins, bruises, etc), and so on. There's much to learn!

That's another wonderful feature of God's Pharmacy; you don't have to pay like you do for prescriptions, and you can't get access through health insurance, but you have to make the effort to learn. If you are afraid to experiment, you can stick to what others have explored and learned, but you need to study up on their discoveries. So a commitment of your time and some faith in the repuation and words of others is required. Unless, of course, you have such a personal relationship with the Lord God, that you cam just ask and He will point out which plants to chooses from His Pharmacy.

Ah, that means time in prayer - another good thing!

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