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This Aloe Vera Blog keeps you informed when I have added new pages to the site. Basically, God's Pharmacy includes all kinds of healing plants that grow around us, so that even the poor can afford healing - if we will but seek and find the answers and solutions He provides.

I keep saying that on this site. God provides so that often, even the weeds under our feet, are intended for our good health and healing. As I share my discoveries, this page shows what I've added most recently.

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Aloe Vera and Handy Herbs are so - Handy!

Really, aloe vera and handy herbs - healthy herbs - are truly very handy. They are all around us! God has placed all the pharmacy we're going to need in the plants growing near us, such as aloe vera, our house plants, and the weeds beside our sidewalks are really healing herbs; we just need to learn what we have.

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Eat Your Aloe Vera

Here in a photo story, is how you can eat your aloe vera - just the way my Dad and I did it for some years. Of course, this means you need to have a large supply of healthy aloe vera plants if you are going to do this regularly.

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Sitemap to Aloe Vera and Handy Herbs

Sometimes we come back to a website, looking for something we read, but can't recall what it was called exactly. Therefore, this sitemap to Aloe Vera and Handy Herbs. I hope you'll recognize it here, or - maybe discover something you didn't know even was on this site.

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Poison Ivy Treatment

If you should find yourself walking in woods, you ought to know a poison ivy treatment - just in case you or someone else encounters this plant. Not everyone is allergic to poison ivy, but you don't know that until you have touched some. In fact, this allergy can happen with two similar leaves; oak and sumac. Fortunately, the same treatments can be applied.

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Ragweed the Hay Fever Villain

Ragweed is an herb in fact, but it is seen mostly as the villain weed that causes hay fever across most of North America and down into northern Mexico in the fall. It only lasts one season, but it releases about 1 billion pollen grains in that one season. So it gets a lot of hate even from sufferers who have no idea what ragweed looks like.

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8 Natural Remedies for Hay Fever

Let's look at 8 natural remedies for hay fever that will help you breathe easier, clear your head, and allow your immunity and energy to build up. You can even dare to be outside this fall, and enjoy the beautiful colours and brisk air.

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What Dandelions are Good For?

You may delight in the sunny faces of dandelion flowers, or you have learned to despise dandelions and you work hard at rooting them OUT of your property. So what are dandelions good for? In both cases you may be ignorant of the therapeutic uses of dandelions. Did you know that you can uses them to treat your allergies, lower your cholesterol levels, or stimulate the production of bile in your gall bladder and detoxify your liver?

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Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are in the common plants and weeds growing all around us; they have been provided by God for the healing of our ailments and diseases - and I'll tell you about my earliest efforts to learn about them.

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Benefits of Aloe Vera

There is nothing mystical or mysterious about the benefits of aloe vera. It's just plain filled with goodness because God provides remedies for ailments where even the poorest of the poor can get help. He has provided other herbs like that too. We'll get to that yet. Here we'll survey the benefits of aloe vera generally.

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Aloe Vera the Burn Plant

The Easter of 2011 I rediscovered my aloe vera the burn plant, and what a miracle-worker it is for second-degree burns. Have you got time for my story?

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Healed by Aloe Vera

Yes, you can eat it, and be healed by aloe vera! In the ten years before he died, my Dad was healed of stomach ulcers and later of shingles, simply through eating raw aloe vera gel from my plants.

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Aloe vera is probably the most potent plant for healing so many things, and this plant has gained popularlity around the world, but God planted it here centuries ago. We are not the first generation to discover its many uses.

There's so much more though! In Genesis God says that He has provided plants for our food and medicine, and the more I explore the benefits of various plants the more I find this to be true. The most obvious products I've discovered in God's Pharmacy, are plants like plantain, (heals and cleanses the body, stops bleeding, etc.), mint (refreshing in teas and salads, and eases bowel gas), calendula, (great in ointments for skin condtions, also teas), comfrey, (also good in topical skin aids, and heals varicose veins, bruises, etc), and so on. There's much to learn!

That's another wonderful feature of God's Pharmacy; you don't have to pay like you do for prescriptions, and you can't get access through health insurance, but you have to make the effort to learn. If you are afraid to experiement, you can stick to what others have explored and learned, but you need to study up on their discoveries. So a commitment of your time and some faith in the repuation and words of others is required. Unless, of course, you have such a personal relationship with the Lord God, that you cam just ask and He will point out which plants to chooses from His Pharmacy.

Ah, that means time in prayer - another good thing!




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