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This Aloe Vera Blog keeps you informed when I have added new pages to the site. Basically, God's Pharmacy includes all kinds of healing plants that grow around us, so that even the poor can afford healing - if we will but seek and find the answers and solutions He provides.

I keep saying that on this site. God provides so that often, even the weeds under our feet, are intended for our good health and healing. As I share my discoveries, this page shows what I've added most recently.

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Help identify my aloe

I need help identifying this aloe ... someone have it to me 3 yrs ago .. it was a scrawny sickly little plant ... it has been thriving my my storefront

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Unknown Aloes?

I bought both of these plants a bit ago and can't seem to find any identification? and am wondering if anyone out there can tell me what they are? I have

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What GMO Stands For

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. That basically means that laboratoriesspliced the DNA for some plants with some other plants or animals, even viruses and bacteria - to create special traitsor features in the succeeding generations of seeds. Their goal was to keep the seeds from being affected by weeds ordiseases.

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Large Aloe Vera to Buy

Often I'm asked, where can I find large aloe vera to buy? Since people keep writing to ask me, Ihave hunted online to look for places where you might at least buy some aloe vera plants, and hopefully you can nurture them to agood size.

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Sitemap to Aloe Vera and Handy Herbs

This Sitemap to Aloe Vera and Handy Herbs will help you, when looking for something in particular, perhaps because you saw something on a previous visit but don't remember the details. You may recognize it here, or -maybe discover something you didn't know even was on this site.

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Back to Eden and Herbal Books

Looking for the way back to Eden, and herbal books to educate yourself about healthier alternatives? You can getthe Back to Eden Cookbook by Jethro Kloss, through Amazon, including second-hand copies when out of print. You will find other herbal books availableas well.

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Thank You

Thank you for filling out the form.

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You Can Freeze Aloe Vera

Questions like whether you can freeze aloe vera, come to me from time to time, via my website. Itwould be convenient, and some people do freeze their aloe vera, but my first experiences were not so pleasant, so I rather discouraged it.However, after another such question recently, I decided that I need to research this more carefully and make sure I have all thefacts straight.

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What Sugar Does to You

Do you really want to know what sugar does to you? I heard on the news; it has come out -the sugar industry PAID research scientists back in the 1960s to minimize the link between sugar and heart disease, and insteadpush saturated fat as the offending cause.

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What is Voxx HPT

What is Voxx HPT? Voxx Human Performance Technology (HPT) is based on 45 years of research in Neuromuscular Science.It's to do with patterns woven into socks or insoles that you wear, and those patterns activate neuro-points in your feet. Those nerve endings connectto other nerves throughout your body, triggering massage and healing to the other ends of those nerves. This way, without drugs, or anything risky,you can bring on stability, balance, energy and wellness.

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What Fresh Liquid Spirulina Can Do

Taking this spirulina several times a day was giving more energy, my lower back pain evaporated,and my arthritis in my neck walked away! A cold sore starting inside my lower lip disappeared. What's more - last night I realizedthat I was passing a tiny kidney stone!

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Skin care with Aloe Vera

I like to do my skin care with aloe vera. Which of these 16 skin conditions could aloe vera help?I decided to look up a number of skin problems and consider how many I would respond to with aloe vera. I've surprised myself withjust how many I am convinced it would be wisest to apply aloe vera as a gel, as an ointment or lotion - and also to drink aloe vera juice.

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Aloe vera is probably the most potent plant for healing so many things, and this plant has gained popularlity around the world, but God planted it here centuries ago. We are not the first generation to discover its many uses.

There's so much more though! In Genesis God says that He has provided plants for our food and medicine, and the more I explore the benefits of various plants the more I find this to be true. The most obvious products I've discovered in God's Pharmacy, are plants like plantain, (heals and cleanses the body, stops bleeding, etc.), mint (refreshing in teas and salads, and eases bowel gas), calendula, (great in ointments for skin condtions, also teas), comfrey, (also good in topical skin aids, and heals varicose veins, bruises, etc), and so on. There's much to learn!

That's another wonderful feature of God's Pharmacy; you don't have to pay like you do for prescriptions, and you can't get access through health insurance, but you have to make the effort to learn. If you are afraid to experiment, you can stick to what others have explored and learned, but you need to study up on their discoveries. So a commitment of your time and some faith in the repuation and words of others is required. Unless, of course, you have such a personal relationship with the Lord God, that you cam just ask and He will point out which plants to chooses from His Pharmacy.

Ah, that means time in prayer - another good thing!