High Blood Pressure Remedies

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You, or someone you love, may be needing to hear about high blood pressure remedies. How often does a friend or relative confide that they have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, and are starting on medications? Many marketeers are jumping on the bandwagon, with answers, so it takes a bit of research to sort them out for the best.

You might have guessed; I checked Jethro Kloss' Back to Eden to see what he recommended. He said, "High blood pressure is caused by waste matter in the system, wrong diet, overeating, use of tobacco, liquors, meats, devitaminized foods, and wrong combinations." He urged his followers to cleanse their impure blood, and bowels, and to improve their diet.

Yes, he knew of herbs to take too; broom, black cohosh, blue cohosh, hyssop, wild cherry bark, valerian, vervain, sanicle, body cleanser and laxative, boneset, scullcap, golden seal and myrrh. One recipe was for one teaspoon of golden seal in a pint of hot water, and taking a sip of that about six times a day. Another was to make a tea of the herbs, such as clover tea.

I've also been checking out some of those doctors on Youtube and see that the ones who favour natural remedies do agree on most points. That is a relief. Each has a list of remedies, but the common denominators appear to be fresh, raw vegetables and fruits, namely, apples, celery, cucumbers, ginger, kale, olive oil, fresh sea foods. Some add details like take salt, but sparingly, and to avoid sugary juices and sodas altogether.

Dr. Axe names some supplements to take for high blood pressure remedies, such as; magnesium, fish oils, potassium, and Co-EnzymeQ10 (200-300 mg/day).

Others recommended that we need mental and emotional peace. Basically that we should balance exercise with times of rest and quieting of those spinning wheels in our mind. I agree wholeheartedly; I know how much a daily time of prayer does for me.

These high blood pressure remedies all make sense and are practical, but one testimonial really made my morning! Stacy Leffingwell shared how aloe vera had completely cured her high blood pressure. You can only imagine how I grinned with pleasure!

Excellent High Blood Pressure Remedies

Forever Living has a number of products that are excellent high blood pressure remedies. I've been looking them over for which ones to recommend, and the list just grows! I'm choosing here to just name the six with the most influence on our blood circulation, to bring it into balance.



- this is short for L-Arginine, an amino acid that is potent enough for scientists to nickname it, the Miracle Molecule. It is able to turn into nitric oxide, another molecule that relaxes and widens our blood vessels. Naturally, then our blood flows along merrily, encountering less blockages. Having healthy blood pressure levels works wonders for our heart, makes us more immune to bugs (viruses) that are passed around, and helps us grow stronger muscles.

That's not all. This miracle molecule grows and repairs our bone and body tissue all over, metabolizes fat and glucose (the polite word for sugar), and produces the hormone that fights off aging. Those who know about L-Arginine are getting rather enthusiastic about it!

ARGI+, this product of Forever Living, has more than L-Arginine in it, though.

There's pomegranate, which is famous as an antioxidant.

There's red wine extract - the part that keeps our cholesterol levels healthy.

There's grape skins and berry extracts - (don't spit those skins out any more!) - for their cardiovascular and immunity help.

All these ingredients together make this ARGI+ something SPECIAL as a hypertension remedy! All you have to do is mix a scoop of the powder into some natural spring water, or your favourite aloe juice, and drink it down. Don't leave anyone behind; get your whole family on this powerful ARGI+. (This used to be carried at the ForeverLiving Store).



- is a formula of olive oil and fish oils, and the essential fatty acids, EPA, DHA, and Oliec acid. Together they give us a perfect balance of omega 3 and omega 3. They lower our blood pressure, AND our bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good cholesterol (HDL). What's more, these omegas work to keep our eyes, our brain, and our joints functioning well.



- is another product aimed at building you and me a great heart! Of course, what is good for the heart is good for the blood pressure too. This comes with CoQ10, an enzyme that our bodies produce, (but which come in shorter supply as we age), and aloe vera gel to give three key heart supports. The CoQ10 makes for a more efficient metabolism. CoQ10 brings you antioxidants that are good for your heart. The B vitamins that are included in Cardio-Health (B6, B12, and folic acid) also brings your homocysteine down to healthy levels.

All the above help the heart and circulartory system, but an extra boost for your blood vessels are the herbs and minerals that come in Cardio-Health; the extracts of grape seed, turmeric, boswellia, and olive leaf, plus the lubricants for the walls of the blood vessels, namely, magnesium, chromium and lecithin. In other words, these ingredients "get the fat out" before it lodges and makes itself a home on your blood vessel walls.

Cardio-Health does have soy in it, if that's a problem. However, it is very easy to take; just open an individual foil packet, and stir it into a glass of water or juice, and drink. Presto! a high blood pressure remedy!

Field of Greens

Fields of Greens

- If you live a busy life, snatching fast foods on the run, you are not getting enough raw green vegetables. Another Forever Living Product is Fields of Greens. Among other greens, it includes, young barley grass, wheat grass, alfalfa and cayenne pepper, plus some honey for energy. These will make up the chlorophyll and antioxidants your fast food diet leaves out. It will help you maintain healthy circulation of your blood, and get better digestion. It serves up as a quick-to-prepare drink, for which you can surely take a couple of minutes.



Vitamin C sometimes goes straight through some people's digestive tract. Absorbent-C is knit together with oat bran for much better absorption. This way it can improve our collagen, which in turn, makes our blood vessels more flexible at the same time it is dealing with the free radicals up and down the vessels.

Garlic - Thyme


Got cholesterol problems? Blood clots? Then you need to know about garlic and thyme! These small capsules can lower blood cholesterol and keep your blood from clotting. These herbs have the power to slow down a rapid heartbeat, soothes those chest cramps when your arteries have some difficulty bringing blood back up into your heart.

Personally, before I even knew this, I have long had a habit of chopping up a clove of garlic along with part of an onion when I make a stir-fry supper. (I believe I began that when I read that the garlic will cancel the gas-formation that the onion is often accused of. I guess now I need to start shaking a dash or two of Thyme in each time too). If you are not keen on getting your garlic and thyme that way, you can settle for these capsules.

All these items are high blood pressure remedies in the category of nutritional supplements at Forever Living.

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