Clean 9

Improve health - lose weight, no drugs

Clean 9 is a nine day program that uses only natural means to manage weight loss and does a gentle colon cleanse, and even detoxes your whole body, while building up strength and energy, all at the same time. It is produced by Forever Living. I'd like to share my experience with it.

When I first read and heard of Clean 9 via some videos, I became curious and wanted to try it out. Not that I thought I needed to lose a lot of weight, but I have some digestive tract problems. At least it becomes easily irritable, and gas developes which tends to press on a nerve to my sinuses, giving a very much unwanted sinus headache. If I were to lose a few pounds in the process - that would be fine. Of course, I wanted to experience Clean 9 so that I could give an honest evaluation of the program here.

The Clean 9 kit arrived a little more than a week before Easter, and I decided to start it right away, as the 9th day would fall on Easter Sunday. (That's a day when I usually make a large turkey supper and share with my handicapped brother. As long as I didn't eat too much it would fit in as the end of my Clean 9 course).

The kit included three 1 litre jugs of aloe vera juice, a can of Forever Lite shake mix, and I choose the chocolate over the vanilla when I ordered it. That is the nutritional meal replacement. There were two bottles of supplements; one of Garcinia, which is a natural herb or vegetable that curbs ones appetite, and a bottle of Gin Chia, which provides energy from Ginseng and Chia, a Chinese herb. The Clean 9 kit includes a shaker bottle for the Forever Lite meals, and a tape measure, and a log book.

The log book is the instruction manual, and provided a place to log your measurements on the first day, and again on day 3, 6, and 9. Also your goals, any feelings or observations during the cleanse. Looking at it now, Looking now at the health problems that I hoped might be helped, (my goals). I see that the bloody scabs in my nostrils have nearly disappeared, and also my itchy skin is much more normal. I only lost two pounds, and half an inch around my hips and thighs; the colon cleanse as another thing.

When I'd told some friends that I was trying this Clean 9 program, several of them said right away, "You don't have to lose any weight." Well, no, I realized that I didn't have a huge weight problem, but I have gained about 20 pounds over the last 5 years with my more sedentary lifestyle of working long hours before a computer. I had figured I could spare those 20 lbs, if they disappeared. I had always been a scrawny kid and well into my twenties, thirties and even into the forties, so maybe I'm closer to normal now.


garcinia - the vegetable/herb used to suppress appetite

Clean 9 calls for a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise after your morning portions. They suggest to walk, run, cycle or swim. Well, it was still winter here in my city, so I shoveled snow for half an hour most days, and I walked to and from my office, which is half an hour one way. So by my calculations I got in one to two hours of exercise spread over the day. The walking to and from my office is my exercise plan for most days of the week, but in the winter time, loaded down with winter clothing and a heavy backpack on my back, it really is more strenuous exercise for me.

It did not occur to me to take 9 days off to do nothing but this Clean 9 program. I worked it in around my usual busy lifestyle. However, the first two days call for a fast from regular food, and I did them over the weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is usually my most physically active day of the week, as I usually do housework until I'm ready to drop. Because I'd had a section of ceiling plaster fall down in my pantry, I'd been moving stuff out of that room, and also went out shopping for more plastic bins. When I was carrying those to my car I had sudden hunger pangs. When I got home I drank more water, and laid down for half an hour, and the hunger passed. Sunday was a quieter day, and I was fine. I did not even feel hungry.

On Day 3 the routine changes to call for (the usual) 2 of the Garcinia Plus softgels 20 minutes ahead of the rest. then a half cup of aloe vera juice with one cup water, and then two scoops of the Forever Lite (delicious by the way) with a cup of milk. I mixed it in the shaker and drank it from there. Followed by exerice for 20 minutes, and then a snack of two Gin-Chia tablets with another 8 oz. of water. That is all repeated at noon. Then at dinner you get to substitute a 600 calorie meal for the meal replacement Forever Lite. The powdered milk I used in the shake tended to give me a bit of gas, but I found this routine quite comfortable. In studying the pages on meal suggestions, I discovered that I am already eating most of my meals about that size or less. The whole plan seemed to give my digestive system a bit of a rest.

Speaking of rest.... I work long days, often 12 hours or more, so when I get to bed, I'm usually zonked out with tiredness, then I have trouble getting going in the morning until I've sat, hanging my head for a while, trying to come to myself. But by the second day, I noted that I was sleeping a deeper, sounder sleep, and waking up at my alarm, ready to get going again. That was an interesting surprise for me.

As Forever Living says in their Clean 9 literature, that one person's experience is just that - one person's experience, and not a guarantee this will happen to everyone. I'm only sharing my experience to help you feel more comfortable about trying it for yourself.

Detox Symptoms

100% stabilized aloe vera helps maintain a healthy digestive tract

I see in my notes for Day 4, that after my supper of one cup of hash casserole and two sweet squares left over from an event at church on Sunday, I had a hard rock by my left lymph gland near my ear, and an achy tooth, and a vague feeling that a headache was coming on. Some years ago, I prayed and asked the Lord to give me an allergy to sweets. For a long time I got sick if I took any, but in the last few years I've allowed myself small pieces at public functions so I don't have to keep explaining it, and most of the time it doesn't affect me badly. But it occurs to me now that perhaps my digestive tract was cleaned out enough so that it was sensitive to the sweets again. I might just have been detoxing that day too, and my lymph glands were a little over-worked taking away the debris.

On Day 6 of my Clean 9 program I began to feel some lower back pain. My first thought was, "Oh no! Kidney stone!" (I've had those a couple of times in the past). But then I considered the type of pain and realized this was closer to, or in the spine. I wondered about a cracked vertebrae. I've had those several times too, and there is nothing that can be done but to wait 8 weeks until the crack heals and the pain goes away.

Then it hit me. I had assumed that to follow this program exactly, I would also have to give up all my vitamins and herbal supplements for the 9 days. Some of those were for joint pain; it was quite possible that their effect had worn off, and that I was now experiencing the joint pains that I would have without the supplements. Right then and there I decided that I would take up my morning and evening supplement routines again.

However, after a while I noticed that the pain shifted a bit, as if it were creeping downward. Ah! That gave me another idea for my self-diagnosis.

The next day was Good Friday, and I turned it into a quiet day of rest. Mainly I realized that the Clean 9 program was doing what I'd hoped for. It was cleaning the old gunk that clings to the walls of our intestines, and festers there, turning hard, pressing on nerves to other parts of our body, and creating pain and diseases. That stuff is slower to be rid of than the thinner stuff that skates right through. Aloe vera and a break from digesting heavier meals were breaking that old stuff up and shipping it out. The backache disappeared when I sat working at the computer, but I was aware of it when I got up to walk around. I carried on, convinced it would get better eventually.

That problem was not totally cleared up on the 9th day, but I carried on with the kit materials that I had left on hand, and I've added a few other supplemental sources in the weeks since, but I believe now the bowels are clean and okay.

In fact, the day after Easter I went to a chiropractor, in case my back was just out and needed re-aligning. He said it appeared to be normal, compared to earlier records, and that I was probably right in assuming that it was just a colon cleanse taking place.

I realize there are people, such as a new friend Maria, who is an expert at giving people colonic cleanses, not as something they take orally, but like enemas that can be taken physically, and they are relieved of such intestinal wall gunk in a matter of minutes or hours. Maria lives too far away, and such colonics are not easy to do for one's self. (And yes, I've tried them).

To summarize my experience with Clean 9, I see that I got what I hoped for, just not all with those first 9 days. I learned that it is okay to continue with supplements, at least most of them. Also, that we are all different. Others report considerable weight loss. That may be the main thing they need and watch for, but deep in my heart I don't think you can seriously lose weight until your bowels are clean and functioning as they should. After that first step, the weigh loss should be easy.

My Recommendation

If you have never done a colon cleanse before, and feel cautious about trying such a program, I would suggest that Clean 9 is safe and gentle. It is also a good first step if you need to manage weight loss safely. It isn't necessarily, going to bring you down to your ideal weight in the first 9 days, but you need your nutritional needs balanced with appetite suppression and energy build up. The aloe vera juice with the Forever Lite drink, and the supplements in this kit will provide that for you.

Now, if you sent me the money, I could order it for you and have the kit delivered to where you are, but that would take quite a bit longer, than if you just go ahead - click one of these links, and go order it directly yourself. (If you hesitate to place orders online, visit another of my sites that teaches how to do it safely;

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