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It's amazing how many companies are now inviting us to buy aloe vera capsules. Just at Amazon alone there are more than 100 such products! I've prepared a selection here for you to check out. Please understand that I have not tried most of them, so it is up to you to evaluate and choose wisely.

You will notice that they come in a wide range of strengths, (ie. 25mg, 479mg, 5000mg. even 10,000mg!) I'd recommend you start at the lower end at the beginning. Then go to a stronger capsule when you know how your body responds, and whether you need more.

To review what aloe vera capsules can do for you, take time to check out my personal discovery story of the power of aloe vera capsules. I found out, as perhaps many others already have, that eating your aloe vera straight from your house plant is difficult if you can't keep a bunch of them thriving so you can harvest from them almost daily. This is where the aloe vera capsules or juices come in to save our day. Maybe our lives!

Jethro Kloss explained that aloe vera was able to promote menstruation when suppressed, expel pinworms, cleanse the colon, liver, kidneys, spleen, and from the bladder. It improves your blood circulation. What's more, it is gentle and heals as it works. Aloes are the most healing plants on the face of the earth. You can find on this site my story of how eating raw aloe vera chunks healed my Dad of his stomach ulcers and then, later of shingles too.

It is possible, however, to cleanse yourself too fast and give yourself a case of diarrhea. That's why I say, start with small amounts, or lower potency aloe vera capsules and only build up as you find no harsh surprises.

A nursing mother taking aloe capsules will affect the baby's bowels too and cleans them out.

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