Aloe Vera Hair Tonic
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Ever heard of aloe vera hair tonic, balsam and gel?

Peter and Blanka who have the ALVEDAMA business on the island of Maderia, off the coast of Portugal received a wonderful testimonial to the wonders of aloe vera, more specifically in their products. I've asked to share these words to encourage those who still wonder if aloe vera can be effective in their lives.

Their customer and friend, Morna, wrote;

I am delighted to give you an outstanding report on how your Aloe Vera products are working - as you know we have been trying the Hair Tonic, the Pure Gel and the Balsam.

First the Aloe Vera Hair Tonic:

I have been applying the tonic to my husband’s head to counteract hair loss and it is working. The hair is re-growing in the front area the of his head and also to a slightly lesser degree there is a re-growth in the crown area. For a man of 79 years I believe this is very good!

Since using the product on my own head, my general hair loss has almost stopped - it is now very minimal and there is visible re-growth in my crown area where previously it was very sparse.

My niece, aged 50, is also using the hair tonic and has had a marvellous improvement. For months she has been very unwell and her doctor has prescribed many different medications. She suffered substantial daily hair loss due to these illnesses. However daily applications of the Hair Tonic has stopped the hair loss completely and she now has areas of re-growth.

Her son, aged 25, is also using the Hair Tonic. Though he is only a very young man he has lost most of his hair over the top of his head. Daily applications of the Hair Tonic have stopped the hair loss and my niece tells me she has seen a definite improvement - his hair is starting to grown back in.

Another family member, my nephew, aged 45, also has severe hair loss. Seeing the improvement in the others he too has started using the Hair Tonic. So far he has not seen any results but he is continuing to use the product.

Next the Aloe Vera Balsam and Gel:

I’m delighted to report a major healing with these two product. My niece who is benefiting from using the Hair Tonic is also using both the Balsam and the Gel. Her illness brought about dreadful skin conditions, her arms were covered in spots and scabs. Despite using many applications and ointments prescribed over a period of many months by doctors at the hospital nothing worked and her skin infection continued. Then last week I sent her a small amount of Balsam and a small amount of Gel - and the results have been outstanding. Her skin was cleared and healed in three days - something which despite using hospital prescriptions for months just would not start to heal. She is very, very grateful for both the Balsam and the Gel. They worked on different areas and my niece is asking to have her own supply in case there is ever a re-occurrence. She is so relieved and delighted with the results she would be very happy to be an ambassador for your products and also to write a testimonial.

Can you EAT Aloe Vera?! (free email course)

Ian and I will be in Funchal again during the first two weeks of May and intend to bring back many of your products, but meantime my niece is asking if it will be possible for her to buy Hair Tonic, Balsam and Gel and have it sent to her direct in Scotland? She really believes the Balsam and Gel have both worked miracles in healing her skin infections. I should also add that the Gel achieved miraculous results in healing my hand immediately.

If you intend to distribute your products throughout the UK I have another friend who owns and runs a Health Food shop in Perthshire plus an online business and I think would be interested in selling the products, though as yet I haven’t spoken with him.

Please keep in touch I am very interested in the success of your products.

Sincerely, Morna

Those products, Aloe Vera Hair Tonic, Balsam and Gel, sound like they are really effective! Their customers are quite enthusiastic. Do you have some aloe vera product - even by another name - that accomplishes the same goal, to re-grow hair where it is thining?

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