Aloe Vera for Chronic Gastritis

Have you tried aloe vera for chronic gastritis yet? If you have been in pain any length of time you may have tried all the rest. The highest selling products in any pharmacy are the commercial remedies for chronic gastritis, diverticulitis, and spastic colon symptoms. You may be embarrassed to death over intestinal gas, also known as stomach gas, or flatulence, and other types of colon disorders, but you are not alone - it is probably the most common health problem in North America.

If you have tried various commercial products you may be ready to try a colon cleanse. (We all seem to think a detox like that is the path of last resort). These cleanse products are not created equal, but if you find a really good one, it should solve the problem. Temporarily, at least; you need to change your eating habits for lasting results.

As with many other things the solution God has provided is rather simple and often quite inexpensive. Especially, if, as I have shared on other pages here, you can grow your own aloe vera plants. I have told how my Dad was healed of bleeding stomach ulcers simply by eating the raw aloe vera gel I scraped out of my plants for him. More recently, when I felt I needed a serious colon cleansing I took some aloe capsules and cleared it up in a few days. (Got rid of a kidney stone too, while I was at it!)

Such success stories are a joy to tell, and it is a delight to hear them from others. Maria, a visitor to this site wrote to me via the contact form on October 3, 2008 about her struggles, then trying aloe vera for chronic gastritis. She wrote;

My dear friend, I love your website and I admire your good will by publishing such valuable information and sharing it with the world. I am originally from Romania, currently living in Miami-FL.

I am taking on a detox holistic diet (alternative medicine) that will help my body eliminate toxins and harmful substances that affect my digestive system, ovaries and breasts. I have had gastritis and then ulcers for many years, and tried all kind of medicine and tea remedies. They did not work. I am willing to try aloe, as now I am also facing constipation. I shall finish my diet first and then start the aloe daily dose treatment. I will let you know if it works.

Thank you for this web site. I feel like I need to try aloe, and not give up because of stomach aches that sometimes ruin my entire day.

Through confusion of my own when I set up the form, I didn't discover her message waiting for me until May 15, 2009. I wrote to apolize and ask how her trial with aloe vera had gone.

Maria graciously wrote back and reported on her own experiment with aloe vera for chronic gastritis;

I finished my detox which made me feel like a newborn. I took aloe in the last weeks of my detox, every day a spoon full 30 min. or so before lunch. I must say, my stomach improved, I am not in pain everyday anymore.

I will continue using aloe. I am taking a break now, but overall I am pain free as long as I eat healthy and non-fried meals!

I am growing my own aloe and learnt from your website how to prepare it, for which I am grateful. Eating heathy and natural, without preservatives, [without] sugars and meats, I managed to improve my health. My body and face look younger and people ask what procedures I did that made me look so good... Nothing else, except I turned to mother nature!

I wrote to congratulate Maria, and suggested that with her permission, I'd love to put her story of using aloe vera for chronic gastris on this site to help others. She gave her permission willingly.

I would encourage you to give aloe vera a try for any colon disorder or digestive tract problem you may have. Anything from diverticulitis, a spastic colon (those cramps that make you think you are dying), chronic gastritis, chronic constipation, or even just some occasional intestinal gas or stomach gas. If you find your self expelling foul-smelling gas, or uncomfortable bowel movements that range from pathetic to fits and swings between diarrhea-like flux to hard, impacted nuts, you should benefit from aloe vera. You can eat it straight from a plant or buy it from a health food store. (My personal favourite for aloe vera in capsules is Puritan's Pride.)

I've started to use aloe vera products from a new company, and find them of first rate quality for all kinds of specific needs. Yes, they have aloe vera for chronic gastritis! (Feel free to ask me for more info.)

If you feel you need to do more reading and research, I recommend Yulia Berry's e-book, Aloe - Your Miracle Doctor. You can have it on your computer in minutes! Yulia highly recommends aloe vera for chronic gastritis too.

Besides aloe vera being great for chronic gastritis, I've just learned recently of an herbal tea that gently takes care of such problems and wins fans of almost everyone who tries it. Testimonials show that it is effective for IBS as well. Often the person troubled with that, has got the gastritis to deal with too.

Don't give up! There IS a solution in aloe vera for chronic gastritis!

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