Benefits of Aloe Vera

my oldest, largest and flist blooming aloe vera plant taken April 2007

You need to be careful what you read and accept these days about the benefits of aloe vera. On one web site you read that this plant benefits your digestive system, restoring the healthy flora and fauna, and will even reposition your bowels in the right place, - then on the next site you read that prolonged use can cause "loss of albuminuria, potassium, fluid imbalance and haematuria." This loss in turn causes "inhibition of intestinal motility, hyperaldosteronism and the enhancement of cardioactive steroid." So which one is right?

Whoa! If you don't scare yourself silly, you can confuse yourself. I recommend that you read widely and weigh all the benefits of aloe vera carefully. But don't hesitate to experiment with aloe vera and see for yourself what good it does. Use moderation of course. God gave us common sense for a reason.

There is nothing mystical or mysterious about the benefits of aloe vera. It's just plain filled with goodness because God provides remedies for ailments where even the poorest of the poor can get help. He has provided other herbs like that too. We'll get to that yet. Here we'll survey the benefits of aloe vera generally.

Ways to Try Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be taken in many ways. I recommend straight from the plant, of course. You can smear the gel on your skin where needed, or eat it, or put it in your juicer and drink it. There are companies that extract the healing ingredients and put them into capsules which can be taken internally, or also into gels and juices, and creams to apply as needed. I have a reputation for being very frugal and also resourceful, so the natural means appeal most to me. Let's look the benefits of aloe vera and ways to use it in more detail now.

On your skin

Keep a plant handy, so you can break off small pieces, and smear the gel on your skin for things like sunburns, itchy spots, insect bites, open wounds and fungal infections. Yes, like athletes' foot. There is an oxidation factor in the gel which stimulates cell regeneration and healing, so don't hesitate to take it internally too. Such as in your mouth for cold sores or tonsillitis.

Got freckles or blotchy spots on your skin? Try aloe vera. Many have found that it clears up pigmentation problems.

Aloe Vera is Good For...

Chronic Gastritis
Poison Ivy
Identify Aloes
Thinning Hair
Hair Tonic Balsam & Gel
Miracle Doctor

If you have super sensitive skin, you will love the soothing effect aloe vera gel has on your skin and scalp. Use it as a moisturizer, or sun screen, or as my Dad did, instead of an after-shave astringent. There are now many hair care and skin products that have aloe vera in them. Even if you don't have troubled skin, smearing an open piece of the leaf, gel side down on your face, will give your face a healthy shine and glow. Oh, the benefits of aloe vera!

Think of aloe vera first when you have burns or blisters and rashes on your skin, even insect bites, herpes simplex, acne, bedsores, ringworm and painful shingles Just break off a piece of the leaf, and split it open with your thumbnail, then spread the jelly part on the affected skin. Don't hesitate to try it on anything that is a fungus or might have bad bacteria. Bandage it down for a while if you like, or apply several times a day for the maximum pure benefits of aloe vera.

You can also treat psoriasis, eczema and more extreme problems like acid burns, radiation burns and frostbite. In that case, it would be wise to add a cup or two of aloe vera gel to lukewarm water and soak the affected limbs in it. The gel tends to seal a coating over a wound to protect it from infections. After bathing, apply fresh aloe gel again.

Do you have trouble with sunscreens? Try spreading aloe vera over your skin instead, or in addition to the sunscreen. Watch for differences. Try counting the benefits of aloe vera. (I've lost track of them myself).

It's a good idea to have a plant in the kitchen for when you accidentally burn a finger or whatever - make it your first-grab first aide kit. (Note on my history page, that Napoleon had no army hospital but a horse-drawn wagon of aloe vera for the benefit of his soldiers).

Eat Your Aloe Vera

Yes, you can take the aloe vera gel internally and it will help, not hurt you. A common sense dose is a tablespoon full, or maybe two at a time. If that doesn't bring on new troubles, and you want to speed healing up a bit, try doing it twice a day. Maybe even three times. It should depend on the severity of your problem. If you have ulcers or digestive system problems, you might like to continue on a daily basis for about four to six weeks. It needs time to get to the troubled areas and to do some through healing.

What would be an internal healing need? Chronic constipation, poor appetite, gall stones and bile problems, uterus, liver, ulcers, colon and hemorrhoid disorders. It will also detoxify your reproductive system when you have some ugly infections. Or for that matter any menstrual problems will change for the better.

What About Cancer? The Big Deadly Diseases?

The scientific community is always slow to praise a simple plant as a cure for a disease. Especially the pharma arena is loath to admit that something might cure the problems they are spending millions, and building their careers on. However, there is anecdotal evidence in many testimonies to give hope that aloe vera can certainly ease and perhaps even cure some of the more threatening diseases. I do not think aloe vera would ever make them worse, so it is worth a try for cancer, diabetes, arthritis, or whatever. Watch this site for more testimonials as I gather them. Start with my Dad's Story and the benefits of aloe vera he liked to praise.

Oddly enough, there have not been very many truly scientific, clinical studies about the pros and cons of taking aloe extract. Of the few done in animal models, they indicate that aloe has a anti-hyperglycemic effect and is useful in treating Type II Diabetes.

With that in mind, it is hard to understand why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned on May 9, 2002, the use of aloe and cascara sagrada as laxative ingredients.

Especially when we hear on the other hand, that some researchers have shown that this herb stimulates the fibroblasts to make fresh tissue. While fibroblasts stimulate and create collagen, proteoglycans and other compounds work together to make fresh tissue.

Juice Your Aloe Vera

When you drink aloe vera juice you strengthen and improve your whole immune system. It doesn't mean drinking it all day long either. Just 2 to 4 ounces will help tremendously already. (If you take more than that, you will likely find yourself thoroughly rinsed and cleaned out, though there may be times you really want that too).

The juice of the plant's leaves, when expressed, is called aloes. More accurately, aloes is the solids that remain after evaporating out the liquid part. Aloe Vera is the proper name of the mucilage of the plant. Sometimes what still clings to the inside of the leaves after draining is boiled up to create an inferior, but hopefully still helpful aloe vera juice. When you juice your own you can control the quality of what you will accept or reject as satisfactory benefits of aloe vera.

The juice of one species, Aloe Venenosa, is suppose to be poisonous, so you will want to know the names of the plants you make juice from, so you can avoid that one. The one we use most as a house plant in North America is a common safe species.

A lot of our diseases come upon us because we have let toxins add up like sludge in our bodies, and if we do not eliminate them, we will surely get sick. Count on it. So drinking a couple of ounces of aloe vera juice every day will only ensure that we are clean inside out, and healthy. Aloe vera juice will truck out the impurities in our blood stream and capillaries and strengthen their walls, promote good cell growth, good circulation, and good blood pressure.

In the liquid state it restores and maintains balance in your stomach acids. This will improve your digestion and the correct absorption of nutrients - even from other foods you eat. Your cells will regain their immune property, and be able to shed waste materials, getting rid of toxic stuff out of your body. So think about it. This stuff is great for clearing up for good your irritable bowel syndrome, candida, colitis and acid indigestion! Detoxification is the word we want here, one of the best benefits of aloe vera!

Carrisyn, something extracted from aloe vera gel, stimulates the creation of infection-fighting blood cells - these in turn, strengthen our immune system. Further, the juice contains amino acids, methionine, serine threonine and molybdenum. These are able to detoxify heavy metal and help in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein, as we've said, which prevent the build up of fat in the liver and the arteries.

Can you EAT Aloe Vera?! (free email course)

I can't explain it but some folks find it clears up pain. Go figure. But... it counts as a benefit of aloe vera.

Drink up. You can learn to enjoy anything that will help with those problems, right? If you don't have an aloe vera plant, or if you need to use the gel steadily for a period of time, I would suggest just the right aloe vera juice or gel from Forever Living. You can also get aloe vera in a capsule form. Check these different brands out, Buy Aloe Vera Capsules

Cosmetic Uses of Aloe Vera

We can go into detail on these uses on another page. Here's a short list of the cosmetic benefits of aloe vera;

  • Body and skin care
  • Regenerates new cells
  • clears up pigmentation problems in skin
  • Prevents wrinkle
  • Treats pimple and acne
  • Remove stretch marks that are occurred due to pregnancy
  • Hair and scalp - can prevent hair loss
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Eye wrinkle remover
  • Toothpaste to soothe mouth and heal gums
  • Protection agent underarm odor
  • Apply it after using shave lotion

Weight Loss Use of Aloe Vera

This wonderful natural substance, reduces and stabilizes body mass index but stimulating the metabolic rate in liver cells. It gets this energy from burning the stored fat and carbohydrates in our bodies. So take aloe vera, and it will be like doing several workouts during the week! This should be especially good news to those who can't get up for any strong exercise because of obesity!

Here's another reason; the body has to spend energy to assimilate the high collagen protein content of aloe vera. This helps drop the weight, and develops muscles.

Plus, since it doesn't let your food linger in your digestive tract for days on end, this absorbs less energy in the gut.

The more I look around, the more I find evidence and stories of the benefits and uses of aloe vera. Almost every reliable source says that there are few if any bad side effects of using aloe vera. I don't really know of any from my own experience, but when I hear or read of any, I'm putting them on this page - Side effects

I've picked up a few stories of how aloe vera has been used beneficially through the centuries of aloe vera.

Now that I"m looking for them, I'm going to start collecting testimonials of people in the present, but for starters you can read my Dad's story

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Yes! You can drink and eat Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera is Good For...

Chronic Gastritis
Poison Ivy
Identify Aloes
Thinning Hair
Hair Tonic Balsam & Gel
Miracle Doctor




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