Benefits of Aloe Vera

my oldest, largest and first blooming aloe vera plant taken April 2007

You need to be careful what you read and accept these days about the benefits of aloe vera. On one web site you read that this plant benefits your digestive system, restoring the healthy flora and fauna, and will even reposition your bowels in the right place, - then on the next site you read that prolonged use can cause "loss of albuminuria, potassium, fluid imbalance and haematuria." This loss in turn causes "inhibition of intestinal motility, hyperaldosteronism and the enhancement of cardioactive steroid." So which one is right?

Whoa! If you don't scare yourself silly, you can confuse yourself. I recommend that you read widely and weigh all the benefits of aloe vera carefully. But don't hesitate to experiment with aloe vera and see for yourself what good it does. Use moderation of course. God gave us common sense for a reason.

There is nothing mystical or mysterious about the benefits of aloe vera. It's just plain filled with goodness because God provides remedies for ailments where even the poorest of the poor can get help. He has provided other herbs like that too. We'll get to that yet. Here we'll survey the benefits of aloe vera generally.

Ways to Try Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be taken in many ways. I recommend straight from the plant, of course. You can smear the gel on your skin where needed, or eat it, or put it in your juicer and drink it. There are companies that extract the healing ingredients and put them into capsules which can be taken internally, or also into gels and juices, and creams to apply as needed. I have a reputation for being very frugal and also resourceful, so the natural means appeal most to me. Let's look the benefits of aloe vera and ways to use it in more detail now.

On your skin

Keep a plant handy, so you can break off small pieces, and smear the gel on your skin for things like sunburns, itchy spots, insect bites, open wounds and fungal infections. Yes, like athletes' foot. There is an oxidation factor in the gel which stimulates cell regeneration and healing, so don't hesitate to take it internally too. Such as in your mouth for cold sores or tonsillitis.

Got freckles or blotchy spots on your skin? Try aloe vera. Many have found that it clears up pigmentation problems.

my favourite aloe vera drink - with peach flavour My favourite Aloe Vera juice with peach flavour!
• No added preservatives
• Supports healthy digestion
• Promotes healthy immune system
• Helps maintain natural energy levels
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