About Me

Do you click on the "About Me" or "About Us" link, when you visit a new site? I do. We want to know who is behind it and what their reason is for being there. We want to know whether they are trustworthy and what is their general view on life. In this case you want to know just how much of an authority I might be on aloe vera and on handy herbs for health purposes, right?

I've already written several of these "about me" pages for my other sites, so if you want to study me in depth, you can expand your research. For my site about my novel, Ruthe's Secret Roses, read the About the author page. At my Online Shopping Guides site, find About me, the Owner.

I'd like to focus here on a side about me that those other pages do not cover; my interest in alternative health through the natural remedies that God has provided all around us. Partly I was drawn in to this by about 12 years with allergies, and partly because of poverty. I simply couldn't afford to buy commercial or prescription remedies. I had to be resourceful. My more recent history plays into this too.

Resourcefulness is something about me I've inherited from Dad. After I had moved back home to look after my parents in Hague, Saskatchewan, I learned a lot about my parents and ancestry, and the characteristics that I inherit from them. A fascinating topic.

Basics About Me

I'm the oldest of five siblings, and because my mother was sickly most of her life after she was gored by a cow, I had to learn responsibility early. I missed out on some social life, but I lived in a world of books and imagination. So early on I started a novel, and then for fear others would laugh at me, I kept working at it in secret and polishing it for a couple of decades.

While living in London, Ontario for 12 years, I had a lot of trouble with hay fever and other allergies. My landlady, Mama Mac, introduced me to vitamins and supplements to keep that under control. When I saw results I began to study and read everything I could get my hands on about alternative health measures, and I tried out whatever I could afford.

I returned to Hague in September 1983, and settled in to bless and take care of my parents as long as they needed me. It was a faith walk, with many unexpected twists and turns, I had not anticipated, such as nursing my Gr'ma Kroeker as well around the clock for nine months until there was an opening at the Rosthern Nursing home.

When dealing with seniors you end up spending a lot of time talking about relationships and ancestry - and - if you are fortunate, you discover a lot of old information about foods and plants and remedies. At least, I learned more about myself, in that regard. I scored well on both points and gained new skills and areas of knowledge - which helped me understand all about me, first of all.

Bringing Gr'ma's large old aloe vera plant into our home had me discovering how many other uses it had besides soothing skin burns led to my propagation and filling of the sunroom with 60 to 75 pots full of countless aloe vera plants. Later, visiting her in the nursing home and chatting with other older women led to a discovery of the very therapeutic herbs, (mostly known as weeds), growing under my feet beside the sidewalk!

After Mom died in November 1997, I saved up for a computer and went online, resolved to become a business woman and to learn how to self-publish my novel. I soon discovered that to market anything online you need a web site. So I tried out things on some free hosting sites. Then I became convinced that a registered domain name was better. There was still a steep learning curve, but things improved and I began to be more professional about my sites.

My Business Learning Curve

Almost from the beginning of my online life in 1999, I learned about Ken Evoy and his better-than-good e-book, Make-Your-SITE-Sell, followed by Make-Your-KNOWLEDGE-Sell, and others. A few years later Ken offered his software suite called SiteBuildIt!

Oh my! I was ready for that. I would have bought in right away, however, I was still a caregiver without a regular salary. I was still praying in postage money when I wanted to write my pen pals. So it seemed out of reach. In the meantime - until I could afford it - I diligently read every email Ken sent out to affiliates and tried to apply what I learned to my cheaper sites.

Reading case-studies and seeing the enthusiastic testimonials on video of other proud SBI site owners who just LOVE their SBI only made me more eager to have my own!

When I watered my plants on Saturday morning I often wondered if it would be possible to sell the excess plants from a website. Gradually I became convinced that an SBI site on aloe vera would be a good way to test it's powers.

In January of 2007 my father came down with a fast type of lung cancer. He passed away four days after his 91st birthday in February. Then my life swung into five intense and physically and emotionally exhausting months as I had to wrap up Dad's estate and prepare the house for sale and then the estate auction. At the same time I was hunting for a new home, and trying to find ways to support myself fully. I was able to get an advance/loan on my coming inheritance, which I used as a down payment on a wee tiny ol' house in Saskatoon. It needed lots of cleaning, fixing and preparation too, before I moved into it. And more work after that!

Finally, my inheritance came through for my siblings and myself. I was able to pay back my advance loan, and had a bit left over. One of the first things I treated myself to was this SiteBuildIt! (now called Solo Build It!) subscription for my first year. Finally! At last! My prayer and dream was granted.

I had some clients for web design and volunteered at Impact Canada Ministries Inc, (when it was still at Western Tract Mission Inc), so I kept very busy. I had to juggle my schedule to fit in some hours to work on this site and bring it to a place where it will bless and provide for me. Because I had taught myself web design from raw HTML coding, and because SBI! is built so that you don't need any knowledge of HTML, I had a slow spell as I adjusted some of the habits and methods I've used on my other sites, but I'm determined to follow the Guide, and do this right.

However, that this is one of the wisest things I've ever done. That was confirmed when I worked through the keyword brainstorming steps, and saw how to really use Google's AdSense far more profitably than I had so far. The AnalyzeIt! is another marvelous feature. When I upload a page, it has the most uncanny way of knowing where to place my best keyword and how often to use it, so that the page will be lapped up by the search engines. Nor will I have to go the rounds to submit each page to the SEs - a real drudge job on my other sites. (One I don't get to often enough).

Would you like an SBI site?

By all means, go for it! I recommend it highly! Read up on Solo Build It! and do check out the fast step-by-step demo of how SBI! works in a Virtual Tour! You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Ask any Questions you have, and discover the excellent quality of support staff.

Believe me, I'm convinced! I've already started a second SBI site, and have ideas for some more!

Incidentally, I have researched, written and published in 2018, a history book for the misison's 76th anniversary. (We were too busy to celebrate the 75th). I created one more photo album for the last era of that history, and then I was finished voluntering for Impact Canada, and tried to give more attention to my online web businesses - like this one!

Do sign up for the Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions (monthly ezine) to keep current on my business life. To follow my personal life more closely, you can sign up for the RoseBouquet (weekly ezine), or bookmark the RoseBouquet weekly ezine.

If you are excited about WordPress - you'll be interested to know more about how to hook WordPress up with SBI. It's like feeding your garden Miracle Grow for a couple of months and then watching it burst into bloom and bounty!

Now, I better get back to writing more pages on aloe vera and the handy herbs that could be a great help to you! My goal is to show how God has generously provided plants in nature with ingredients for our nutrition and healing. But we do have to exert ourselves to discover this wonderful information.

Nov. 2020 Update

It occurs to me that this great time of quarantine, or lockdown in our homes is a huge blessing in disguise for you. Especially if you've had an idea for an online web business, but always had the excuse that you had no time for that. Well... which have you got more of right now, Time or Money?

I tell you SBI! is the best plan for building, not just a website but a web business. It does take some time, but right now you have time and could focus on the learning curve and the initial stages more intensely than I did in just one evening a week. Believe me, the Action Guide (in print or video format) will take you patiently through every step and explain why you are doing that.

In six months to a year you could have a steady income stream from this side business, and it can carry you through whatever happens in your regular job. Or, you may - as have many others - end up retiring from your J.O.B. to focus full-time on your web business. Probably with time to spare!

The SBI! owner has decided to offer super prices - at COST - to first-time customers as a response to the COVID19 crisis. Look at these wonderful deals!

Introductory Pricing
SBI! Annual: $199 (regular price $299)

SBI! Monthly: $19.99 (regular price $29.99)

SBI! for WP Annual: $99 (regular price $149)

SBI! for WP Monthly: $9.99 (regular price $17)

*Upon renewal, after one year, the regular price applies.

Now if you are moaning, even in tears, because you'd love to jump on this, but you can't even afford these remarkable prices, then I an extra bit of news for you. Some of us have been told to watch for certain individuals who cannot afford an SBI! at any price, but are very motivated and we are convinced that they will stick with this for at least a year. Someone who has the Brains - Time - and Motivation to invest.... well, if we can confirm that you would qualify - You will get a Year's membership in SBI! (with all the bells and whistles!) for FREE.

If this sounds like you get in touch via my Reach Ruth form. I'll do my best to get to know you well enough to recommend you for this gift.

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