Product Questions

This form is where you may ask your specific aloe vera and herbal product questions in the hopes of getting a more detailed answer.

More and more I receive questions that ask about specific products and where to obtain them. This can be tricky to answer on a web page, because not everyone is looking for exactly the same products, nor for the same reasons. If we take our discussion offline to email correspondence, or even by telephone in some cases, I can be more specific with my responses.

I recognize that this takes more time on my part, especially as some individuals ignore the most obvious answers on the website and use this form to ask questions that are already answered, but - I'm willing to take that risk, and to adapt this window for personal dialogue as it becomes necessary.

Now, if you are wondering where to buy aloe vera plants or seeds, I can give you a quick link to save you time. sells both, but only sends plants within the USA.

So, if you are ready for this learning curve for both us, then go ahead - fill out this form, that we may begin!

Product Questions
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