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Aug/3/2015 Sheila asked about GERD


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Hello! Have some questions and really hate to bore or bother you. But I needs help right away. Are you ready.

#1. I have GERD acid Reflux.
#2.Don't want to take Doctor MEDS for it.
#3. Needs HELP right away.
#4.I keep hearing about ALOE VERA and GERD.
#5. Can you tell me which ALOE VERA to use for GERD.
#6.I was told the store bought ALOE VERA is a waste of money.
#7. I was told it will not HEAL anyone, because they have took everything out, but the price on bottle.
#8. Can you give me a healing source of ALOE VERA.
#9.I wish i could find the healing kind in Wash.DC, but i can't.
#10. They have so many ALOES.
#11. It can heal, if you find the real deal,this is what i was told.
#12. So sorry to put all this pressure on you, but folks needs to be heal and not kill by Doctors. I hope you have a very blessed week and thanks for all information you can provide.

My Reply to Sheila

Hi Sheila,
first my sincere sympathies on GERD. It is a serious problem, I've heard. Fortunately, I do believe aloe vera could help you tremendously!

However, I have to be careful how I advise you for it is illegal for a non-medical person to give medical advice. So I will just tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes. Then you can draw your own conclusions and make decisions as you think best.

If were to get such a diagnosis I would do three things right away.

1. I'd go to this Forever Living website, and order several jugs of aloe vera juice right away. Forever Living in the USA Their jugs of aloe vera juice are mostly aloe vera, and not mostly water as some in the stores are. Generally, I take about a quarter cup once or twice a day to maintain good health, but with GERD I think I'd increase that to half a cup two or three times a day.

2. I'd also go to Sherry Brescia's website ( and read up on companion eating and how to balance out a digestive system that has gone into imbalance between being too alkaline or too acidic. The advice is as simple as not eating certain foods together. You can still have them but for instance, don't eat fruits and vegetables at the same meal. They will clash, and cause things like GERD.

In fact, when I eat the wrong combinations I usually get a cross-eyed headache and feel sort of yukky in my stomach. I usually want to curl up and forget the world. Taking usual headache medication does not help restore balance! In my case eating slices of lemon and drinking small amounts of apple cider vinegar sometimes puts me into balance in 30 minutes to an hour.

I would order Sherry's book, "Great Taste, No Pain." It's amazing what the right kind of knowledge will do for us! The ebook edition can be downloaded immediately, so that one doesn't have to wait to read it while it comes in the mail. Sherry's website again is,

3. I would pray and ask God to touch my body and put things back in order. He made my body in the first place, and as the Original Manufacturer knows exactly how to repair things. This would include submitting to the Holy Spirit's searching of my spirit and conscience for wrongs I have done that need to be confessed and made right. Spiritual issues in our relationships with God and with others, can and do regularly affect our physical health. But ill health is not a guarantee of having sinned. Some natural laws for good health may have been ignored in ignorance.

I hope, Sheila, that my steps give you some insights.


Aloe Heat Lotion I often keep a Aloe Heat Lotion tube in my purse, so that wherever I am I can apply a dab when I have an itch or pain. You'll find it in my Forever Living store!