Eat Your Aloe Vera

Here in a photo story, is how you can eat your aloe vera - just the way my Dad and I did it for some years. Of course, this means you need to have a large supply of healthy aloe vera plants if you are going to do this regularly.

STEP 1: Wipe the Stem with a Paper Towel

wipe the leaf with a paper towel to clear off dust

Take a sharp kitchen knife and a sheet of paper towel to your aloe vera plant. Find the thickest, healthiest looking leaf, and slice it away from the plant. (Don't worry, the plant will heal the cut closed very quickly). I use the paper towel to wipe the leaf clean of any dust that might be on it.

STEP 2: Trim and Slice the Leaf, Spread it Open

Come back to your kitchen table. Cut off the cut end once more where you see the yellow or amber colour bleed from it. That is a very healing ingredient, but it has a bitter taste. Personally I avoid that, but if I were sick enough, I'd eat that part of the aloe vera leaf too!

slice the leaf up along the side and spread it on a plate

Now I fetch a long oval plate out of the cupboard and lay down the aloe leaf on it's side. With the knift still in hand, I slice up the side for the full length of the leaf, but I try to leave the other side in-tact at the green outer skin. Now I can lay the leaf open with the bottom and the top halves both facing up. They are hinged together by the skin I did not cut through.

STEP 3: Scrape out the Clear Gel

scrape out the clear gel

Next I put down the knife and pick up a teaspoon. With the spoon, I scrape gently but firmly down the full length of the leaf from the pointed end to the cut end. Try to avoid catching the green gel of the skin, as it will taste bitter too. We just want the clear aloe gel as it is tasteless. (Well, on a hot day I prefer it cool so it is easier to swallow, but in our sunroom, it was chilly most of the year).

STEP 4: Cut up the Gel into Bite-sized Pieces

cut up the gel in small bits

With the knife and spoon I cut up the long slippery pieces of aloe gel so they are like small bit-sizes. (Some of us have vivid imaginations and can get crazy ideas if a long slippery thing goes down our throats). Since they are hard to get ahold of, I scrap the gel pieces into a small medicine cup.

LAST STEP; Drink or Eat Your aloe Vera

put the gel into a small medicine cup - or large spoon

Ready to eat your aloe vera? Lift up the cup and throw it back into your mouth and down the throat. If your imagination is doing a number on you, drink some water or juice right after it. For the squimish ones, I would toss it into a juicer with some other juice. One short buzz and you have no idea that you're eating your aloe vera, for it has no real taste but what other foods contribute when combined.

Drink or eat your aloe vera - it should be tasteless

My Dad had no trouble swallowing that mini-cup (about 4 tablespoons full) in one gulp at a time. I usually pick the pieces off the plate with a teaspoon and eat them. Read Dad's story of how he was healed of bleeding stomach ulcers and shingles through eating aloe vera.

Did you know that aloe vera supplements are great for reducing your choloesterol? Yes, both for cholesterol and arthritis.

You might want to read the testimony of Mike Adams who was healed, and eats aloe vera every day too.

One MORE STEP: Optional: Wipe the Inside of the Green Skin Over Your Face

doing a quick, energizing face-wash with an aloe vera stem

Not always, but sometimes I take one extra step or benefit from this aloe vera leaf. I take the freshly scraped green skin and - taking off my glasses - do a quick face wash with the aloe gel still on it. If left lying around that scraped skin will soon dry out and be paper-thin and dry. But before I thow it away for compost, I quickly take this one more advantage of it. By wiping it all over my face, my complexion get's a rejuvenating lift - an energy drink!

If you do an internet search you are likely to find more and more stories of people who, by their example show you how to eat your aloe vera plants.

If you plan to eat your aloe vera on a daily basis, you are going to need lots of aloe vera plants. They seem to thrive on this and will keep putting out more leaves and popping up new shoots, or what I call "babies." See how to propagate or multiply your aloe vera plants.

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