What Happens When You
Eat Aloe Vera?

Do you wonder or question what happens when you eat aloe vera? I would like a chance to explain them to you in an e-course of six parts that I will send, free of charge, every second day. (That's to give you time to catch up if you've been busy for a day or two).

In this e-course I explain why Dad and I started to eat raw aloe vera gel, and just HOW to eat aloe vera - (or in particular, how we ate it).

People will ask questions, and so this e-course explains just what COULD happen if you eat aloe vera. What are the pros and cons? Then I go into the true benefits of taking aloe vera internally.

It may seem that you need a a large acreage with plenty of aloe vera plants; what should you do it you can't find enough aloe vera plants to eat?

Yes, there are products out there with high quality aloe vera, and I share my sources, and suggestions in the e-course: What Happens When You Eat Aloe Vera?

You may sign up for this autoresponder e-course right here! No obligation... although I do have some suggestions and an invitation in it.

Thanks for signing up for the e-course - What Happens When You Eat Aloe Vera? I trust your questions will be answered soon.

Course Outline

1. Why Dad and I Ate Raw Aloe Vera Gel -
It makes sense to start with the learning experience my Dad and I shared, when we first discovered eating raw aloe vera.

2. Just How to Eat Aloe Vera?
Here I explain what we found to be the best way to eat aloe vera. It really is not so yukky as you might think at first.

3. What COULD Happen if You Eat Aloe Vera?
So what are the pros and cons? What is the worst that could happen if you do this, and what might the benefits be?

4. What are Benefits of Aloe Vera Internally?
Now we get into more of the benefits - some have been well-known in parts of the world for centuries.

5. What if You Can't Find Enough Aloe Vera Plants?
Ah, yes, if you are going to be a purist and eat aloe vera gel on a daily basis, you'll need a lot of plants. But if that is not an option for you, here are some other actions to take.

6. My Favourite Sources for Aloe Vera Products -
Lack of sufficient plants is not nearly the catastrophe I first thought. I learned what's out there!

7: The BEST Source for Aloe Vera Products -
Well, if I'm to share all my secrets, I may as well tell you what I consider the very best source!

8: How to Pay Less for Aloe Vera Products -
In fact, you won't have to pay full price either, if you follow my suggestion. :)

9: How are you doing? Are you taking aloe vera now? :)
This last lesson in the course trails in a while after the other lessons, and just checks to see how you are doing with the lessons I shared with you. Maybe questions have arisen. I'm still available to answer as well as I can.

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