Freezing Aloe Vera

"How about freezing aloe vera once harvested to use as needed?" asked Jane, a visitor to this site recently. She added that she had seen it on a website somewhere, but couldn't find it again. "You could freeze it in small portions to have available each day or as needed," she suggested.

I've been weighing the pros and cons since then.

I've tried freezing aloe vera gel, hoping to use it later, but that seems to kill the good stuff in it, as I found it looked too yukky when I tried to defrost it to use. I think it's a bit like freezing people hoping to thaw them out some day in the future to live again. Once the life has gone out of the plant it cannot be revived. However, here's further discussion on the pros and cons.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some scientists are sincerely working on this, but so far I have not heard of any success with freezing aloe vera. However, there are some companies that have found ways to put aloe vera into capsules and juice that does not go bad for a while. I'm not sure what they use to preserve the life-giving ingredients of aloe. But at least that allows for it to be shipped, and to have some shelf-life.

If you have an aloe vera plant, there is nothing to stop you from running your own experiments with freezing aloe vera. A plump aloe leaf filled with gel will last a few days at room temperature and also in the fridge, but then it begins to decompose and at room temperature the gel evaporates, or in the fridge, the gel gets sort of slimmy.

some of my frozen aloe vera in the porch

On my Plant Care page I told of how all 45 containers of aloe vera in my front porch froze.

But I've also put some in the freezer, and found that a few days later it didn't look at all appetizing any more. I couldn't quite bring myself to throw it out in the garden, so I tossed it into a muffin batter. I still have my soul and spirit together in this body and didn't even get sick, so it can't have been bad. I just couldn't get myself to eat that frozen aloe vera straight.

In further correspondence Jane told me how she had seen a video on Youtube where a man squeezed the aloe vera gel into a glass jar, then he is freezing aloe vera to use as he needs it. So she tried that too, and later put the frozen aloe vera chunks into a smoothie. Jane agreed that she was not likely to be able to eat the frozen aloe vera once it was defrosted either.

Jane is wondering about mixing the fresh aloe vera with apple sauce. She's got a silent acid reflux and is trying to stay on a no-citric diet. She found out that the commercial aloe vera juices and gels have some citric added to give them shelf life. Someone else told her that adding vitamin E would help to preserve the frozen aloe vera.

Well, I went online to check this out. (Amazing, isn't it, how much you can find on the internet if you know how to search!) I was surprised at how many Youtube videos there are now on aloe vera. I had quite an education. In fact, I'd like to show you some of them right here. Got the time to watch these?

This one has a doctor showing how to transfer aloe vera gel from a big bulk supply bucket to nine bottles
. He says he does this in preparation for freezing aloe vera gel.

Freezing Aloe Vera? - and Other Questions! (free email course)

I don't believe I had heard before that acid reflux can't bear vitamin C. Since, however, I get itchy eyes if I have too much synthetic ascorbic acid (how vitamin C is often added to products) I am inclined to believe it. In my mind, that proves that plain, unflavoured aloe vera is best for such situations. Dare I say, ALL your health needs?

You certainly should be able to mix it with apple sauce. I've put my raw aloe vera gel from my plants in batters for muffins and pancakes, etc. I don't think you'll ruin any food if you try things out in moderation and observe any changes or effects. (Keep in mind that I'm not your top expert). :)

More recent experiments and answers showing that Yes, you CAN freeze aloe vera.

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