Aloe Vera Safe to Consume?

Is aloe vera safe to consume every day?

(I have been asked countless times; is aloe vera safe to consume?)

Hello, I read that your father consumed aloe vera every day when he experienced health problems, but my question to you - is Aloe Vera safe to consume every day as a preventive for diseases or sicknesses, or source of nutrients? Or to maintain a healthy colon (I've read it helps for constipation)?

I'm a 20 year old female if that helps. Your response is greatly appreciated ^_^

My Answer:

I'm still in a research stage with aloe vera, but from the experiences that my Dad and I had, there is no problem, aloe vera is safe to consume every day.

In our case, even though I had a room full of pots and pails full of aloe vera, we found that if we were each going to eat a leaf full of gel each day, or sometimes 3 times a day, then we were going to run out of plants eventually. That's why we took the aloe vera internally mainly whenever we felt we had a real problem. When that was cleared up, we slacked off and let the plants grow.

a big aloe vera plant that has been almost
completely harvested to eat

Fortunately, they did seem to thrive, even when we cut out a lot of leaves.

My personal opinon: If you have plenty of aloe vera plants, don't be afraid to eat or drink your aloe vera. Aloe vera is safe to consume - definitely! If you are able to afford to buy the gel or aloe vera juice, and want take that on a daily basis, I would go for it. It's better to stay in excellent health all the time, rather than dealing with one crisis after another.

You are right that it helps with constipation. A small daily dose could prevent those crisis times, when the constipation can triger other toxic effects and new health problems from arising. Another thing that is free and helpful is to drink more water every day, and to hold back on heavy meals which include meats and pasta and things with lots of spices. Whenever I begin to feel constipated, I quickly change to eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables for a few days, and to drink more water. When that clears up and I get invited out to a big meal, I allow myself some of those foods again.

Since my constipation gives me a cross-eyed headache, I try to watch for the slightest hint that one is coming on, and to use these methods to clear up the constipation as soon as possible. Sometimes I can skip the headache that way.

If you have taken antibiotics for anything, that will have killed off the good bacteria in the bowel that is suppose to digest our food. I've found that then it is wise to take some acidopholus capsules for a few weeks to restore the good bacteria. Once our digestive tract is digesting properly again, there is much less trouble with constipation.

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