Eating My Aloe Vera

The Big aloe vera plant
I'm eating these days

I was eating my aloe vera plant just a few years ago - the big one I got from a friend - but there was a problem. The plant was big and heavy, leaning over, ready to break off at the root. I had to hurry up and eat it faster than I would normally go about it. I have better ways to take aloe vera internally now.

One weekend I even scraped the gel out of 3 of those big fat leaves and put it in a jar for a friend who is tormented by shingles. So then Anna was eating my aloe vera too.

I didn't have time every day, but several different days I'd cut a leaf off, wiped it down (the process is described on this eat-your-aloe-vera page), sliced it open sideways, and then scraped the gel out onto a long oval plate. Actually, with the extra big plant, the leaves were so long I had to cut it into half or thirds and repeat this stage several times. Since I'm not quite as eager to gulp the gel down like my Dad did, I put it into my Vita-Mixer, and add some orange juice and buzz it. That's how I was eating my aloe vera quite a while.

minus a number of fat aloe leaves -

When people contact me via my Reach Me form they most often ask questions about the eating of aloe vera. Next to that, they are wondering where they can find these plants. Seems they are not as available in the quantities I have had at my place. That raises a serious question: when I can't find enough to be eating my aloe vera for good health, what can I do?

more leaves missing as the
days pass

Ideally, growing our own aloe vera plants and eating the aloe gel from the leaves or using them for burns to skin, and many other problems would be a great first choice. But that presents a few challenges.

I've found some satisfactory alternatives to eating my aloe vera! More in a moment.

Where to get the aloe vera plants?

I've been saying, let all your friends and relatives know that you are looking for aloe vera plants. Once word is out, when anyone wants to get rid of some (and they do tend to multiply well!), these friends and relatives will pipe up on your behalf, "I know someone who wants aloe vera plants." In a few months you may be turning some down. (Not if you know what's good for you!)

Some say you can ask for aloe vera at any nursery or greenhouse. Well, maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but the times I've checked, I haven't found many. That's why I say your network of friends and relatives is your best option.

Caring for your aloe vera plants?

I insist they are low maintanance when you just have a few. But when you have some in three different rooms in your house, and some at the office, the watering of your plants does get to be a chore. (No, I'm not complaining; just stating a fact).

Before eating my aloe vera -
I have to prepare it

scraping the aloe gel
out of the leaf

I discovered that some mornings I did not have the time to do the cutting, scraping the gel, and blending with the orange juice before I left for the office. I had to juggle my daily routines to make time for this. Some days I'd do it when I was making supper... but I could see that this could become a challenge for some individuals.

buzzing the aloe vera
gel with orange juice in my vitamixer

If the plant I got from my friend had a stronger root system I would not have been in such a hurry to eat the aloe vera so fast. I tried to make it last longer. (It was teaching me to make sure my other baby and intermediate plants get enough space for a strong base root).

It happened that winter I was dealing with a great itch on the fronts of my lower legs from below the knee to the ankle. I think our dry, cold winter had a lot to do with it. The extra layers of clothing and socks was not helping either. But I found this aloe vera, both smeared on my legs at bedtime, and in the morning when dressing, and also orally eating my aloe vera through my juice blend was giving me relief. I was grateful for the timing of this gift.

my mug full of foamy, almost white aloe vera-and-orange juice

But what if you can't find any aloe vera plants? Or if you don't have time for the care of them, or the harvesting of the aloe vera gel so you can benefit from it? What if, like me, you are going through them too fast; soon you'll have none left! Is there another alternative?

Aloe Vera Products

Fortunately, I have discovered some products that can meet those challenges. Not free, like having your own aloe vera plants, but these meet all the challenges of eating my aloe vera straight from the plant.

A couple of years ago I discovered Puritan's Pride, where I order my supplements, also carries aloe vera in capsules. I loved their "buy 2 and get 3 more free" deal, which they repeat fairly frequently. Here's a link that zips you right to the page for Aloe Vera Capsules at Puritan's Pride.

After using the capsules for a while, I've discovered another company that produces a whole range of products with aloe vera in them. I've been trying them out, and I think you'll want to know this and do your own checking out. This company has locations in 120 countries, and although they've been selling through distributors the last 20 or so years, they are available online now with an excellent site that leaves little to be desired.

If you were able to buy these products in your local store the prices would be much higher. Short of mixing your own drinks as I did while I had that big plant I doubt you could find a better deal than right here; Aloe Vera Products in the USA.

Can you EAT Aloe Vera?! (free email course)

I recommend ordering just a few items from the company I now belong to - to determine their quality and service in shipping, etc. Then, if you want to keep a steady supply coming, reach me privately, and I'll give you a tip for getting a much better price. I know how you can end up with 40% off their retail price. Smart, frugal shopping!

Their range of products includes aloe vera drinks, nutritional supplements, bee products, weight management, sonya cosmetics, skin care, and presonal care items. You can still try to get some aloe vera plants, but this way you can also keep stocked with ready to use, excellent quality methods of getting your aloe vera in the way you prefer.

For internal healing I'd order the juices,
for skin conditions - the gels and lotions in the personal or skin care sections,
for energy - try the bee products
for weight management - zero in on designated products.
my BIG aloe vera sprouting new plants when nearly used up Best of all, you can rest assured they have the highest quality aloe at stable quantities in all their products.

If you order your aloe vera juice there, you can also tell you friends, "I'm eating my aloe vera straight."

(Say, maybe I'll add a form here soon to allow us to compare experiences and notes about these products.)

Incidentally, I do have more photos of me eating my aloe vera at an earlier time.

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