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Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions has a short section called, Taking Care of Ourselves, where I share something that I've learned about taking responsibility for my own health and care. Usually it will be about what I have learned to do with natural remedies, but these these are applicable to you too.

There is another section called A Practical Tip/Solution. It will offer another easy to apply tip regarding the use of aloe vera, or other handy herbs for common ailments.

In the third spot, I Recommend - I'll give you a link to some product or web page that has more help for you.

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Since visitors to this site have asked about getting small aloe vera plants to grow at home, I checked through my offsets about the time I started this ezine (2012) and found I had 20 to spare, (and not enough containers or room in my house to keep them). I wanted to discover how much it will cost and what are the best ways of shipping these plants. So as part of preparing to start this ezine I announced I would mail one of these small offset aloe vera plants to the first 20 people who subscribed to this ezine.

To that end, I emailed those who subscribed within a certain time, to ask for their mailing address, and to confirm that they would accept this gift. In return I asked that they notify me of the condition of the plant when it arrived so that I could know how well my shipping efforts went. If this turned out well, I thought I might be offering aloe vera plants for sale in the future from this site.

January 16, 2012 Update:
This experiment did not go as well as hoped. First a very low response from subscribers to whom I'd written with this offer. Secondly, of the first mailing of four young aloe vera plants, the first one arrived safely in Ireland, another arrived okay in the lower USA, but another was frozen. The fourth person in Pakistan said it has not arrived there yet in two weeks. I really wondered if it would and whether it would not also be dead.

One recipient pointed out that winter is not a good time to make this experiment - and I agreed. There is no point in wasting postage money on something so risky, so this is not a very good or timely idea.

February 13, 2012 Update:
The results of my initial mailing were reported in my newsletter/ezine, Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions. I put up the photos that one of the participants sent when his plant arrived in Pakistan. You can see them here, Aloe vera plants by mail

Another Mailing After Easter:
I sent out a much larger batch of aloe vera plants after Easter and had some better reports, but also some bad ones. I decided that I had learned my lesson. Mail is not the best method of shipping tender plants around the world, and the effort took more time than I'm able to give on a regular basis. I felt badly about the plant that did not arrive in good condition, and I knew I'd have to charge a very high price, to cover the cost of sending again - because I hate to see an unsatisfied customer.

Years later! November 26, 2020:
I have been sending out occasional short emails the last few years, but right now I'm on a big push to rebuild this site in the new Responsive design format, and so I've informed the subscribers that I'm taking a leave of absence so I can push through this project faster. (I'm sacrificing some other blocks of business activities for this too).

As of last evening, I've finally got a feeling that I have this template stuff worked out and I can now work faster at rebuilding each page. There are about 100 more pages to go!

So I announced to the subscribers of Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions that I will not be offering to sell plants after all from this website. I am so grateful to the helpful subscribers who corresponded with me, and helped me with this experiment. It has made me appreciate my wonderful subscribers so much more, and I treasure our relationship.

If you are not already subscribed to Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions you may want to join us. It will benefit you and me both! At my present pace I can only gather aloe vera tips solutions and recommendations at the rate of one issue a month. But I do try to give you helpful quality information in just 3 short articles.

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