Aloe Vera Plants by Mail

My little experiment in January 2012 to see what it takes to send aloe vera plants by mail did have some results. As I stated on the introductory page to my newsletter/ezine, Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions I'd been getting requests to buy aloe vera plants from me, and I wanted to see first just what that would entail and what complications I might run into. So I had offered the first 20 subscribers to my new ezine a plant. Yes, I would send them an aloe vera plant by mail, with the condition that they write me when it arrived and tell me it's conditions and whatever else they observed.

Out of the first 40 subscribers I only found four willing to respond with their mailing addresses, so I sent them each a plant by mail. Two went to the USA and one to Ireland, and one to Pakistan. Ghalid Jamil, a subscriber in Pakistan was part of my experiment. He sent photos to show how it arrived.

The one to Ireland arrived first, and in good condition, except for one bent leaf.

The aloe vera plants going to the US States of Virgina and New York took longer and arrived in a frozen condition.

Ghalid had to wait 16 days, but his plant arrived in excellent condition. AND, he sent me a big batch of photos to prove it! It seems a shame to keep them to myself, so I'm sharing them here to show that it is possible to send a plant around the world.

[However, I've decided to put my experiment on hold until we have spring or summer here in North America. It seems foolish to waste plants and postage money to send aloe vera plants by mail that can't survive the cold].

Ghalib Jamil in Pakistan
Ghalib Jamil, the gentleman in Pakistan, happy to welcome this plant from Canada.
The package as it appeared on arrival
How the package appeared on arrival
the aloe vera plant out of the mail package
The aloe vera plant out of package
the aloe vera plant in its new home
The aloe vera plant in its new home
A couple of bent leaves but alive!
A couple of bent leaves, but alive!
another view of the aloe vera planted
Another view of the aloe vera planted
another view of the aloe vera plant
Another view of the aloe vera plant
close up from above the aloe vera plant
Close up from above the aloe vera plant

I will announce via the my newsletter/ezine, Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions when I resume my experiment For that reason, among others, :) you may want to subscribe right now.

Next Batch of Aloe Vera Plants by Mail

After Easter, April 10th, I sent out another eight small aloe vera plants by mail. They all went to subscribers in the USA, except for one, that went to one in Durban, South Africa. One more went to the USA on April 16th.

The weather was much warmer - I expected better results than I recieved via email. Of the nine sent out, I only find responses from four subscribers. Cheryl from Southern Alabama, reported that hers arrived in good condition and she planted it right away, and it has been growing and thriving. Bob and Anthony notified me too. Maureen in Pennsylvania sent photos to show the conditions of her little plants when they arrived - a bit dog-eared in the leaves - but doing okay.

how the package looked on arrival at Maureen's a bit dog-eared in the leaves, but ready to be planted

Finally, after a wait of about two months, Robin, in South Africa, sent a photo to show how his plant had been squashed and dried up before it got to him.

I answer and save emails on three different computers, but searching right now, I don't find any more replies about the plants arriving at all. This is more than three months later.

I have decided that selling and sending out aloe vera plants by mail is too risky. I am willing however, to create a list of people who are willing to sell and ship out aloe vera plants.

Others with Aloe Vera Plants to Sell

A subscriber to my monthly Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions ezine has sent some links to places that are selling aloe vera plants.

Naturally, someone is selling aloe vera plants by mail through eBay! (Do a search to see who might be selling some today).

[If you have an established business that sells and ships aloe vera plants, and if you have a website, I would be happy to include a link to your site here].

August 2014 - Sarita, in India, is working toward selling her aloe vera plants. You can see my introduction and some photos here: Sarita's Aloe Plants for Sale

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