Aloe Vera Plants for Sale

People Asking for Aloe Vera Plants for Sale

I'm losing track of how many ask me, "Where can I find aloe vera plants for sale?" Or, they ask, "Have you got any for sale?" This is a little harder to answer point-blank. It has me pondering some possible answers. See where I may be going with this further down the page.

Aloe Vera Plants in Labs?

Someone wrote:
Hello! We can produce more ten thousand aloe vera in vitro pups in our laboratory. Best regards, L. B.

My Answer

I've just tried to find your website. I think you may have one in Hungarian, but not in English. I would very much like to read more about your laboratory, and the kinds of plants you offer. In fact, I've had others contact me through my website to ask where they could buy some aloe vera plants. If your lab would prove to be a good place to order from, I would be happy to recommend it to my visitors looking for aloe vera plants for sale.

I've done some other searches online in case there is a site or company where people could order their aloe vera plants online. So far no luck.

[There must be a business opportunity here if someone would just run with it!]

[Of course, you have to solve the problem of shipping before you can offer aloe vera plants for sale.]

Ah! Found Aloe Vera Plants for Sale!

Happy to report that I've found a site that sells aloe vera plants and seeds, as well as many other herbs and good-for-you plants! You want to head over to! They can help you. Mind you, they only send the plants to addresses in the USA.

Shipping Plants

Last fall I set aside about 20 young offset aloe vera plants for sale. Then, realizing that I didn't have much experience with shipping plants, I decided to announce an experiment in my monthly ezine, Aloe Vera - Tips & Solutions. I was willing to send a baby aloe vera plant to the first 20 people to sign up for my new ezine starting out in Jnauary 2012.

Basically, I asked those who agreed to participate to let me know in what condition it arrived at their end, and how long it took. I used the cheapest method of shipping plants by Canada Post, and once the reports came in I saw that sometimes it worked well, and sometimes it was lousy. I persuaded myself that I didn't want the headache of packing and shipping plants, if I couldn't promise better arrival for my aloe vera plants for sale.

That doesn't stop the requests from coming though. So I have corresponded with some people who have extra plants for sale. Some are hoping I'll buy them for resale, but no, my life is too busy already to get into having aloe vera plants for sale in such a big way. So far none are ready to do it in a serious way, announce their prices and shipping methods, and get a website up so that people can contact them. (I refuse to show anyone's email address on a website - it will only be swamped with SPAM!)

If you are ready to handle aloe vera plants for sale, do let me know. I'll keep your contact info on a private list, and pass on some of these requests, especially if they come from your region. Please have prices and a shipping plants plan in place.

A Related Question: Are your plants for lab studies or are they meant to sell to the public?

No, I have no lab. I just grow aloe vera because they are so useful, - and, I haven't got the heart to throw out the babies.

During my caregiver years, I had a room full of 75 containers full of aloe vera plants. That was what got me started thinking about maybe selling them online. However, when Dad died I had to clean up my parents' estate and move to a small wee house of my own. As I've described on my Plant Care page I lost 45 plants to frost in my not-winterized front porch. That reduced me to just six that I had in the house. But I've been multlplying them. Every window now has some aloe vera plants and even a batch in the front porch again for the summer.

There's a lot to learn about shipping plants.

Where to find aloe vera plants for sale? Generally, I've been told that you can find them in any plant nursery, but the times I've looked I have not always found them.

The answer I usually give people who ask me about aloe vera plants for sale is to suggest they check with their local nurseries, and also to let their friends know they are looking for aloe vera plants. Often they, or some other relative or friend of theirs has some aloe vera plants in their home, and if they have not been looking after them well, their pot of aloe vera may look rather scruffy and ragged. So they may be glad to give their pot away to anyone who shows some enthuasiam for aloe vera.

If they are reluctant, ask if you may have just one of those tiny babies, also known as pups or offsets, beside the main plant. Gently pluck it out, trying to keep the rootlet with it, and wrap it in a paper towel or in a baggie and take it home. Plant it in a pot or plastic cup, and put it on your windowsill. When it shows signs of thriving and growing, transplant it into a bigger pot, and water it about once a week.

In a few months it will start to have babies too, and if you keep transplanting the pups, you can jokingly talk about your "aloe vera jungle' or your 'aloe vera ranch.'

Where to Buy Aloe Vera Plants

In an effort to help I've done a search online to find where to buy aloe vera plants. I suggest you purchase at your own risk, since I can't vouch for the sites of strangers I cannot research. This is hard when the owners of a site don't give their names or any information about themselves. sells plants and large aloe vera leaves from their mature plants, in the USA.

On in their Yard, Garden, and Outdoor Living section, someone often has a few aloe vera plants. However, you may have to search for "aloe vera" or "cactus plants" even though it is from the lily family, not cactus.

You'll also find some plants and aloe vera capsules on amazon.

If your local Home Depot doesn't have aloe vera plants, check their online store. Their site shows they have it there.

Mar/11/13: just found some more links to share;

A subscriber to my monthly Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions ezine has sent a link to a place that is selling aloe vera plants.

Naturally, someone has aloe vera plants for sale on eBay! (I like the varieties this seller offers!)

A grower in Ecuador is selling seeds to various plants. I don't find aloe vera or any other aloes type of seeds there, but some of the descriptions sure sound interesting.

[If you have an established business that sells and ships aloe vera plants, and if you have a website, I would be happy to include a link to your site here].

August 2014 - Sarita, in India, is working toward selling her aloe vera plants. You can see my introduction and some photos here: Sarita's Aloe Plants for Sale

Apr/8/13: Just got a fresh page done up with places where to find large aloe vera to buy.

Aloe Vera Supplements

NOTE: If you have a serious health condition for which you would like to take aloe vera, you will find one small, lone plant is not enough. But - hallelujah! There's something else you can do in the meantime. I've discovered that I can order aloe vera in capsules, or juice, (to take orally) or gel (to apply to your skin) - from sources that I can recommend to you. I'll add more as I find them.

2. Buy Aloe Vera Products, such as juices and skin care products from Forever Living

3. Buy Aloe Vera Capsules at Amazon. Amazing number of brands offer aloe vera as capsules now!

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