Ally, the Little Gift
Aloe Vera Plant

Ally, the little gift aloe vera plant, is an update sent by Cheryl Connor, our Southern neighbour in Alabama, and a subscriber to the Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions. She sent me this as an update on a gift aloe vera she received from me as part of my promotion for the first few that signed up for my ezine, Aloe Vera Tips & Solutions, when it was started. She also sent some photos, with permission to share them. Cheryl had named the plant Ally.

the original plant Cheryl received in early
Jan-Feb from Ruth, owner of this site.

She says Ally survived, despite some difficulties in the beginning. For sure the early photos she sent showed a very small, pathetic little plant.

showing most of Ally's babys/offsets in June 2013

Ally has since doubled in size and has had more offspring than she can count! Right now Cheryl is to the point of scrambling to find more pots for the offsets, and a bigger one for Ally, the little gift aloe vera plant.

Ally came to the rescue when her sister burned her arm on the side of the oven, while taking dinner out.

(Oh, I remember how my plant saved my hand when I burned it at my brother's that Easter Sunday two - or is it 3 years ago, already?)

showing most of Ally's babys/offsets in June 2013

Aloe vera plants love to grow, and Ally is doing just that. It is not a huge plant yet, but already it is mature enough to send up little offsets! This photo is from June of 2013.

It does a gardener's heart good to see plants multiply. It has been my experience that aloe vera plants are quite eager to do that. I put one plant into a 10 gallon pail and it ended up with 26 descendants growing up in the same pail until it got quite crowded there. Sometimes I convinced myself that they were multiplying so fast because I was neglecting them, and they wanted to make sure there was a succeeding generation in place before they died. Not that aloe vera plants die very easily.

most of Ally's family in August 2013

Cheryl has sent another update photo of Ally, the little gift aloe vera plant - and her family of of offsets taken in August of this year, 2013.

I'm confident that these will grow to be tall plants with thick healthy leaves full of generous, healing gel.

Now if you are trying to grow a little bunch of Allys for your healing benefits, and feel discouraged because it takes months - even years - to grow large lucious plants that you can cut and use, then I want to remind you that there are places where they grow huge farms of aloe vera that are three to four even five feet high, and they harvest them commercially to give us products with pure and safe aloe vera that we can drink - or put on as ointment - or even swallow quickly as capsules.

Do go to the Forever Living Store online, to see the variety of products they have made with aloe vera! It's astonishing!

That's where you can order aloe vera in a spray bottle - terrific for sunburns! Not everyone needs the same thing, or you may have some worrying questions so, click over to the form where you can ask me questions privately about aloe vera products and how to get them. If you really feel inept at ordering online, you can tell me what you want and I'll try to help you out.