Sarita's aloe vera plants for sale

Sarita's Aloe Plants for Sale

Let me tell you about Sarita's aloe plants for sale. This is a single woman in India who found my website and wrote to me - with photos - to show me a roof full of plants - thousands of them - that she has for sale! She would like to sell them internationally via the internet, but needs some good advice and guidance. Perhaps a partnership.

I think there is a real need for a good source of live aloe vera plants, as I have had numerous requests from visitors to this site, asking where they can find aloe vera plants for sale. It is hard to find them for sale just anywhere, particularly large, healthy plants such as Sarita's photos show she has.

In fact, I have rather given up asking plant stores, or departments, such as at Home Depot, because they generally say that aloe vera don't sell well, because so many people already have them. I advise inquirers to ask around among their friends and contacts, hoping to find at least a plant or two that way. (Perhaps I should encourage them to place WANTED ads on classified ad sites, as well).

70 percent of Sarita's roof full of aloe plants

However, as I was researching on Sarita's behalf about how to ship her large aloe vera plants internationally, I learned that FedEx, for example, refuses to ship live plants at all. Apparently, some countries won't accept shipments of live plants from other countries.

Some people report that they can ship via USPS (USA) or their postal system. Canada Post has complicated rules about what is prohibited, for shipping, but aloe vera plants are not on that list. There is contact information though, on the Canada Post website to confirm it.

closeups of some plants in a corner

Obviously, it will take some determination to press ahead.

Sarita strikes me as a capable and determined woman. She is single, living with her parents, and makes herself solely responsible for all those aloe vera plants on the roof, plus about 45 cats. She says she is willing to learn whatever she needs to know or learn to do this.

At present she is caring for her parents, but we know that's not forever. She will need to support herself. And all those cats! Are you willing to step in with some helpful suggestions? Maybe some good contacts? That would be much appreciated!

If you can help at all please let me know via... my Contact form

More photos of Sarita's Aloe Plants

Sarita has both large and small plants

Here's some more photos of Sarita's aloe plants - just to give us a sense of how many there are and what it might take to ship them to fulfill orders.

What do you think? Market them as Small, Medium and Large Aloe Plants?

a close up of a healthy looking aloe vera

This is a close up of a strong, and healthy looking aloe vera plant.

Now she worries a bit about the brown tips to some of the leaves, but I think that plant is just aching for a larger pot - or a spacious garden spot; it's roots must be somewhat bound and it wants a new home - maybe at your place?

here are a few more aloe plants in a close up

Some more of the larger plants with a closeup view.

Although aloe vera plants can vary a bit in the shade of greens they wear, some of this is due to taking the photos at different times of day with differing amounts of light. Of course, too much sun can make them go lighter; I've discovered that for myself with my smaller plants.

Another view of a large section of Sarita's aloe plants on the

One more group shot of a section of the roof where Sarita is growing her aloe vera plants.

Of course, even if the larger plants sell well, and if she just pulls up the offsets (babies) and plants them, I wonder if she can ever clear every last aloe vera plant off that roof. They will just keep multiplying. What do you think?

P.S. 2020:
I'm afraid I have not heard from Sarita for some years. The last time she was having serious computer issues so could not seriously expect to get sales via the internet. At present I don't know her current circumstances.

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