Aloe Vera and Acne

Ruhani has an often asked question about aloe vera and acne:

Does Aloe Vera Help Acne?

I sincerely believe that you've maintained an amazing website. It's a knowledge pool. I just went through your website and I must tell you that there's so much I learnt from your pages.

I've an acne problem and I recently got very motivated by the healing effects of aloe vera. I've started consuming and applying aloe vera gel on my face everyday. It's been 3 weeks but I haven't seen any results. My skin feels supple and moisturized but I haven't seen any change in my acne. I wanted to know if you know someone or have seen aloe vera helping people with acne?


My Answer:

Hi Ruhani.
Thanks so much for visiting my site and taking time to drop me this note about aloe vera and acne. I appreciate it a lot.

I'm especially glad to hear that you've experienced the healing effects of aloe vera on your acne. I did not know about aloe vera when I had so much trouble with acne in my teens and twenties, but I'm quite convinced that it can certainly clear up the impurities in our skin and give us a great complexion.

If you haven't reached that point yet, I would say just keep it up longer. The acne may also be caused by hormonal imbalance. Or, do you eat greasy foods that are deep-fried? That can cause it too.

The aloe vera would take care of the infections that might be bringing the acne on, but diet changes and waiting for the hormones to level out are key as well.

I just took a minute now to do a google search for aloe vera and acne, and have found some great sites. This one;

Some time ago, I found a site which had these bold statements; Does aloe vera help acne sufferers? In one word YES!

No doubt about it, aloe vera WILL help your skin heal from the damage cause by your acne. It WILL lesson redness and swelling. And it WILL improve the overall health of your skin. But it WON'T cure acne. No topical or external acne treatment can cure acne. The only way to do that is internally.

How to use aloe vera for acne treatment

Get pure aloe gel and apply topically to your skin after washing. It's as simple as that.

If you find such links you may get quite an education in hormonal problems. Though I didn't sign up for the e-course, (and now that site is gone), I can already guess, for I understand that hormonal balance would come from taking the aloe vera internally.

Now, if you're squeamish about eating the aloe gel straight from a plant, you can take aloe vera juices or capsules. Just take note that producing aloe vera products has become BIG business, and there are no regulations so some companies will put in just 30-50% of true aloe vera in their products and some will put in as much as 75%-or-99% (they have to add a bit of preservative to give it some shelf-life). So, Ruhani, if you are to try these various products, read the fine print to see how much they really put in. The higher the precentage, the more help it will be to heal you from the inside out.

Applying the aloe gel on the acne, it will ease the problem, but the real aloe vera and acne cure comes from healing from the inside out.

Do go ahead and research and try out things! You''ll soon have your acne problem licked!

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