Aloe Vera for Finger Cut

Aloe Vera Healing Cuts as Well as Burns

Cheryl writes about using aloe vera for finger cut;

"Just to share... I had a cut on my finger that would not heal with medicine for about 7 weeks. It itched and kept breaking open, bleeding. It irritated me daily.

As I was putzing in my small therapy garden area, I had a couple aloe plants that were doing wonderful and I think I over-watered them or something because they started peeling apart dying from the middle out. I finally thought to use it on the cut. After years of having it and never tried it. I always thought if you get burned. . . . Then that day I thought, "Try it."

I cut the leaf and applied the gel.. within 3 DAYS that area on my finger healed and there was NO itching, nothing. It has not split open since I got it to heal. I felt really dumb to call a Dr. for a one inch split that wouldn't heal. I was so-o-o glad I tried it!

Since, I've been investigating the uses of aloe. Your website is informative, and thank you.

I live in west coast of Florida and this week it has been lots of free offerings for the plants. I responded and will get more. I am now using it on trial for my feet, which lots of expensive meds and prescription creams are not healing.

I rub it on my face and all over. I think I'm on a long term aloe kick now. It is amazing.

Thanks again. Any input to me is welcome.

My Answer:

Many people know that aloe vera is great for healing burns, but often they stumble upon its other healing properties by accident, just as you did, Cheryl. Your finding that aloe vera for finger cut is a good example of such discoveries.

Visitor: perhaps you have used aloe vera for finger cuts, but have stumbled upon something else that aloe vera heals. Others may never have thought of trying it for that, so we need your story. Would you be willing to tell us about it?

P.S. This is some time later, but I can now add that aloe vera is great for insect bites as well as finger-cuts. When I was younger, and when I had a lot of trouble with allergies, I would always get big, itchy welts from any mosquito bite, but for years now, that had not been a real problem for me. This last week (July 2012) it began to be so again. I had monster welts on my feet and one ankle. I tried a number of remedies, but none worked as well as splitting a piece of aloe vera leaf, laying it over the bite, and wrapping an elastic bandage around it. I changed the aloe vera leaf about twice a day, as it does get dried out, but in about a day and one night, the itching was relieved. I had to wait a few more days for the red discolouration to disappear.

Yes, friend, aloe vera is great for finger cut, (even a papercut), or insect bies, or whatever. I've yet to come across anything aloe vera cannot help!

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