Aloe Vera Capsules

Aloe Vera Capsules,
a Switch from Raw Aloe Vera

I've learned about aloe vera capsules, and have made a switch from raw aloe vera. I decided that I needed to find another way because I've got trouble keeping as many live aloe vera plants in the house as I used to have. (I had 75 containers full for a number of years). I ordered capsules from my favourite supplement source, Puritan's Pride, and got several extra bottles of the same product. (Something they do quite often as a promotion).

My First Experience with Aloe Vera Capsules

At first I just took one a day with my morning vitamins. Over the next few days bowel movements were easier and more comfortable, but I didn't really notice any drastic changes, so I decided it would be safe to increase my intake to two aloe capsules a day. Well, that seemed to give my bowel a good thorough cleansing, but not too fast or harsh. Soon I was feeling more energetic and though I usually try to think positively and gratefully all day long, I felt even more easy-going all day long. A scab just inside my right nostril that had been there for years disappeared. My sinuses felt clear. Yes, niggling little problems, but they disappeared, and I began to believe the aloe vera capsules were doing a very thorough, systematic healing campaign in my body.

In that case, I told myself, I could take an extra aloe capsule in the evening. If it could do me no harm, then let's get totally good and healthy now.

Well, [blush], there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. It's good to pay attention to the symptoms in our bodies and to regulate accordingly. I was getting used to taking the aloe capsules 2 or 3 a day, so didn't think to blame them, when I began to need to go to the bathroom more often. There was a need, a pulling to urinate, but only a few drops. I wondered if I was being healed of some old low-grade bladder problem. I had no history of bladder problems, but - who knows? A day or two later I began to feel like something was leaning on and pressing on the bladder, making it feel crowded.

I spent part of one Sunday afternoon researching prolapsed pelvic organs on the internet. I got worried enough so that the following Tuesday I called my doctor's office (where they only get to see me once every two or three years, as I try to stay out of their busy lives). I got on right away after lunch, and went to see if I had some serious bladder problems. I was sent to a lab for a urine test, and when I called the doctor two days later, he said there was absolutely nothing wrong with me.

Fortunately, by that time I had begun to wonder whether maybe it was the aloe vera capsules trying to help me too much too fast. I had cut back, and then stopped taking them altogether. Guess what, the pressure the urgency to go all disappeared.

That is when it occurred to me to do a bit more fresh research on aloe vera and it's properties. Guess what! The aloe vera was trying to wake up my long retired uterus and bring it back into business! Suddenly I recognized the old menstrual cycle symptoms, and had to laugh at myself. I really didn't want THAT MUCH healing. Those had not been very fun days for me, and I'd just as soon stay in menopause, thank you very much.

In fact, one homeopathic site said that a strong regimen of aloes can bring back a full flux of menstruation!

I went back to taking just one aloe capsule a day and sometimes I even skipped. Why use them up on days I don't need them?

Then one Saturday morning I woke up and KNEW that I had a kidney stone! Fortunately, it was about ready to exit. However, all at once the pressure I'd felt on or in my bladder now made sense. I had not realized that the aloe vera was herding a wee little kidney stone out of my system.

It was painful to sit down in a chair, but I got on the internet and began to research the passing of kidney stones, and soon learned the best advice was to drink lots of water, and acidic things like lemons were to do wonders. I have a large beer stein for a water glass by the computer, and I filled it twice, the second time adding a squirt of RealLemon, and I began to pray about this in earnest. I also took another aloe vera capsule. The extra water made me go to the bathroom several times, and just before 10 a.m. - relief! It was gone!

So now I'm ready to take back the theory about bringing my uterus back into action. That discomfort I felt was just some of the earlier stages of this kidney stone. Remembering the agony my Dad had with his kidney stones, I realize that I got off fairly fortunate. I did not have any serious pain until the last two or three hours, and I might have had less if I'd been more conscientious about drinking plenty of water. (I tend to forget when I'm absorbed in my projects).

Scraping the aloe gel out of thick green leaves from a plant is still the purest way to go, but if you've been thinking that leaves you out; you have no access to such plants, then this is good news for you. We can get good effects from using the aloe vera capsules.

I've since discovered that there are many supplement companies that carry aloe vera capsules! I've put together a selection of them in this little Aloe Vera Capsules Store on this site. Not quite all 128 different ones Amazon has, but a good smorgasbord for you to look over.

Quote on Aloes from Jethro Kloss

Botanical names: aloe socotrina. Common names: Bomday aloes, Turkey aloes, Mocha aloes, Zanibar aloes.
Medicinal properties: catharitic, stomachic, aromatic, emenagogue, drastic. Definitions

Promotes menstruation when suppressed, expells pinworms after a few doses. Best for cleaning out colon. It cleans morbid matter from the stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen, bladder and colon (finest colon cleanser known!) it does not gripe, and very healing and soothing to the stomach. wherever it goes.

Common Sense Notes

Aloe vera capsules containing aloe gel do not work as fast or urgently as other cathartic products, but they do improve the circulation of your blood in the lower intestines and improve the muscular tone. That means bowel movements will happen more naturally as they should, with the muscles in the lower bowels doing their job. (With all the soft foods or junk foods that people eat nowadays, our bowels have grown lazy).

Do watch out for problems though, when you also have hemorrhoids, inflammation of the colon or pelvic organs, or are pregnant. This is not to say avoid the aloes altogether, but proceed very cautiously so you don't get uncomfortable surprises as I did.

Symptoms that indicate aloes could be your answer include; headache across your eyes and forehead, nausea, gastro-intestinal irritation with coldness in the lower limbs, a bitter, sour or metallic taste on the mouth, a dry yellowish-white tongue with thirst, a feeling of heaviness over the liver together with distended stomach with gas, gloomy or depressed individuals with constipation. (Believe me, constipation is depressing!)

A nursing mother that takes aloe capsules will find that if affects the baby's bowels and cleans them out.

Do let me know of your experiences with aloe vera products. I may just want to share your stories here for others.

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