Remedies for Shingles

Are you looking for remedies for shingles? If so, you will understand how I've been looking for remedies for shingles this last winter. I found some remedies and am eager to share them with you.

In January, I had a growing pain under my left shoulder blade, near my spine. By Thursday of that week, there was such a knot of nerves and muscles that seemed seized up, I went to see my chiropractor. He has cleared such pain up for me in the past, but I'd forgotten that it usually meant I had cracked a rib or vertebrae. (A fallout of having osteoporosis). It didn't take him long to say that I had a fracture in the 3rd or 4th rib near the spine. He worked it over and then applied a vibrating device to relax the muscles.

I got up feeling better, so I thought we'd taken care of that. I expected I would just have some vague pain in that spot for a few weeks until it healed up.

But that evening I forgot the rib as I got a crazy itch in my left armpit. When I went to bed I took a closer look and realized that I had a row of lesions there. By that time they not only itched, but seemed to be on fire - at least an inch deep. I smeared some aloe vera gel from a tube on a handkerchief and tucked it over the spots. Immediately the pain dropped a number of notches! Great, I could sleep.

It was worse again in the morning. Though I reapplied the aloe vera gel a number of times through the day, my mind was busy exploring diagnoses. More and more I was convinced I knew what it was, and I was looking for remedies for shingles. By late afternoon I was ready to go go see my doctor. But when I checked the clinic's website for hours, I found that even their walk-in clinic is closed over the weekend.

See a Doctor

Yes, I've heard that if you can start a certain prescription within 72 hours shingles can be nipped in the bud.

I decided I would just have to take care of myself over the weekend. By taking painkillers at regular intervals, and applying the aloe vera gel whenever the need arose again, I managed to do some Saturday chores, and prepare food for Sunday and I went to church and spent time with a friend in the afternoon, and took her to a Ladies Connection meeting at church in the evening. I was actually surprised at how well I managed. Still, I promised myself that I would call the LifeBridge Centre first thing at 9 am on Monday, and if my doctor was not available I'd take whoever was available in the walk-in clinic.

That is what happened that Monday morning. I got a different doctor, but he was very kind and gracious, and quickly agreed with my diagnosis of Shingles. I told him how I had cleared up Dad's case of shingles with aloe vera for 4 days. (People always like to hear that story).

He gave me a 7 day prescription, which I finished the following Sunday night. Certainly, I supplemented it with painkillers, and with several daily applications of aloe vera over the shingles under my arm. There were a couple on my back but in a place so I could not reach them with either hand. I couldn't reach it over my shoulder, nor by twisting my arm to reach up on my back. Fortunately, they did not trouble me too much.

Have I Remedied My Shingles?

The lesions decreased in size, and disappeared, but there was a nerve pain deeper underneath. That lasted about a week.

In fact, during that week I kept thinking there should be herbs that might help, but I couldn't find "shingles" in the index of Back to Eden which I check for herbal remedies. Then, I read online that shingles is related to neuralgia. it is the nerve pain that makes it so hard to bear and to get rid of. Ah-ha! I looked up Neuralgia in the index and sure enough there was almost a page full of herbs to consider.

At lunch I went to the health food store less than a block away, and bought a number of them.

Jethro Kloss's first suggestion was to make a tea of mullein and lobelia, dip a cloth in that tea and lay it over the surface of the pain. The store didn't have lobelia, but I tried it with the mullein tea right away. Oh, how soothing that felt over the shingles! Good move! I also drank some. (Which rinsed my kidneys out quickly).

There is also a recipe for a liniment made with myrrh, golden seal, and cayenne, steeped in 70% rubbing alcohol for 7 days. I have not made that yet. Mainly, as I was a bit worried about that cayenne ingredient. I've found when applied on my skin that brings my blood vessels to the surface. I may still talk myself into making this liniment one day.

The herbal combination tea I tried next was golden seal, myrrh and Valerian root. It did not have the same effect as a compress, as the mullein had, but it may have absorbed too quickly into the flannelette material. I drank a cup full as well. it had a slight bitter taste, but was okay. Some herbs need a few applications to show effect.

Over the next few days I tried several other combinations of herbs for tea, including nettle and plantain (from my garden). My teapot holds a quart, so I drank a whole quart of tea throughout each day, trying various groups of three herbs from this list: mullein leaf, nettle, yellow dock, Valerian root powder, myrrh gum powder, and plantain.

In fact, upon learning that shingles was an inflammation, I decided to drink a straight plantain tea for two days to clean out my bowels of any root cause of inflammation.

In one week, my symptoms all cleared up, my deeper nerve pain cleared up, and my energy level increased. I do have one small spot on my right hip (top of the bone) that has an occasional itch, but it has been there for years. I think there is a blood blister forming there, so it may have nothing to do with shingles at all. I've become busy again. Too busy really to be making tea every day, so I've slacked off, to save the herbs for when I may need them again.

Reflexology has pressure points to work over in the feet that ease neuralgia, but it is a bit tricky doing that on oneself. I want to try that as well but it is a bit tricky doing that on oneself. I want to try that as well though. Which leads me to another possible remedy. I learned of some socks that apply pressure on the right spots on the sole of our feet to greatly help with neuralgia problems. (I ordered them online and they arrived during the week I was trying out all the tea combinations.)

I don't have a dramatic testimonial about how much they help, but they do give a sense of well-being and and make me more stable on my feet.

Postherpetic neuralgia (post-hur-PET-ik noo-RAL-juh) is a complication of shingles, which is caused by the chickenpox (herpes zoster) virus. Postherpetic neuralgia affects nerve fibers and skin, causing burning pain that lasts long after the rash and blisters of shingles disappear.

These socks have special fibres woven into them to accomplish through the soles of our feet the kind of subtle massage that a reflexologist does when working over your feet with their strong, moving thumbs and hands. That means they have some influence on your nervous system, including Neuralgia issues.

The socks are produced by a new Canadian company, called Voxx Life, after many years of research and development. Already, testimonials are coming in as to how much those socks do for people with balance problems, or neuralgia pain, even diabetics find these to help with their blood circulation, athletes are finding more strength and stamina, people with MS are able to get around better, and some are giving up their walkers. It all sounds rather great!

You can also go see their testimonial videos on the Vimeo site. I see there that atheletes and seniors are taking to them like goldfish to water. They are seeing improvements in balance, stability, power, stamina, reaction time, pain relief, energy, recovery time, and posture.

Fortunately, this is an affordable solution. Generally, $30-50 for a pair of socks or insoles. So I've signed up to sell the Voxx Socks for a commission. Now I can write about these wonder socks, and offer you a link for to order them.

Voxx Life, has now (2020) been in business 3 whole years and sales are booming.

In the meantime, I suggest you click this link for my coded shopping cart and BOOKMARK it. Then you can place your orders directly.

True, these Voxx socks are not aloe vera, nor handy herbs, but I do feel they fit in with my general goal of looking for safe, non-drug remedies for our better health. So you are likely to hear me rave about them again and again.

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