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The Forever living products are food and health supplements, not medicines or treatments. It is quite safe to take the products Forever Living puts out. If you are the kind of person who likes to be informed and take charge of your health decisions, you will find Forever Living your greatest ally. May I introduce some of these super special products to you?

Forever Living Products support you in your goals to be healthy. They provide the ingredients your body needs to operate like a well-oiled machine, like a good home-owner, who goes through his house at regular intervals and gives every hinge and moving part of the appliances a drop or two of oil to keep them from rusting out and running down.

The first and main ingredient in all Forever Living products is aloe vera gel. This has become known over the centuries and in pretty well every country, as the "burn plant" or "nature's wonder." There is historical evidence that the Chinese, the Greeks, and the Romans, just to name a few that left a written record, have discovered and used aloe vera for healing over hundreds of years. In just the last ten years I've noticed a tremendous upsurge of people discovering aloe vera and seeking out products which provide this wonderful healing touch to things they eat, and put on their skin.

Rex Maughan, the founder of Forever Living has insisted from the very beginning that this company puts purity and potency of their products first and foremost. They use only the barbadensis for quality and consistency. This company fillets and separates the aloe gel from the lining in the leaves, because the aloin in the lining is what is known to be the laxative factor.

Another key factor in Forever Living Products is the quantity or amount of aloe in each recipe. While other manufacturers try to cut costs and corners by using just a small amount of stabilized aloe and adding it to other carrier ingredients, at Forever Living the products generally have aloe vera gel as the first listed ingredient, which means there is more of the 100% stabilized aloe than any of the other ingredients on the list. When you pick one up in your hand, read the label and see for yourself.

Aloe Vera Juices

100% stabilized aloe vera can cleanse and heal a digestive tract, and can be easily blended with other juices. This makes the little jugs of aloe vera juices, the most popular, best loved Forever Living products. There are three choices; Aloe Vera Gel, which is almost straight aloe vera gel at drinkable viscosity, Aloe Nectar, which has apple and cranberry juice added so that it supports urinary tract health, Aloe Bits and Pieces has small bits of peach pulp, making it a great favourite with children and adults alike! Lastly there is Aloe Freedom, a juice that has glucosomine and chondrotin added to help lubricate joints. Just 4 oz. a day starts to do amazing things for creaky, painful joints.

It is possible to sample the first and last juice with single serving pouches called Aloe2Go and Freedom2Go. They work great too for taking along in your purse when you need to be away from home all day, and don't want to miss your daily drink of aloe juice. Actually, they recommend two of those packets a day, but I can see where you should carry another one or two with you, because sure as anything someone who may be joining you at break time will be eager to try a sample as well.

Other Popular Forever Living Products

Aloe Heat Lotion

Aloe Heat Lotion and Aloe Vera Gelly are the two Forever Living products that I kept them with me at all times when I was still working in an office. I also kept a nearly empty Aloe Heat Lotion tube in my purse, so that even if I was at church, or shopping in a store, or visiting someone, I could whip it out and apply a dab of that very practical creme when I had or have an itch or pain of any kind.

My hives have let up now, but they were what first drove me to make sure I carried Aloe Heat Lotion with me at all times. I never knew when they would strike. Scratching the hives would only make them worse. A dab of the lotion smeared over the itchy spot would stop the itch almost instantly, and grant relief.

Aloe Heat Lotion is a favourite with physically active people and athletes. It has cayenne added as a warming agent for easing of sore muscle and joint pain. Nor does it smell medicinal as many other brands do. In fact, it has no scent at all.

Clean 9

Clean 9 is a nine day program that uses only natural means to manage weight loss and does a gentle colon cleanse, and even detoxes your whole body, while building up strength and energy, all at the same time. It too, is produced by Forever Living. If you'd like to read my experience with it. ...MORE on Aloe Heat!

Are you one of the growing number of people who has discovered how bad fluoride is for our teeth and general health? But most of the toothpastes in the store shelves have fluoride added to them, never mind the many communities that still add it at the water filtration plant. Forever Bright, a toothpaste from Forever Living does NOT contain fluoride, and because of the aloe vera in it, healthy gums and teeth and promoted with daily use.

Where to buy Forever Living Products.

Every first-aid kit should have some aloe vera for skin care]. Order the lotions, ointments or sprays that you prefer. Shop online.

I can tell you where to find high quality aloe vera cosmetics!

Forever Living has a number of products that are excellent high blood pressure remedies. I've been looking them over for which ones to recommend, and the list just grows! I'm choosing here to just name the six with the most influence on our blood circulation, to bring it into balance. Continue reading. . .

my favourite aloe vera drink - with peach flavour My favourite Aloe Vera juice with peach flavour!
• No added preservatives
• Supports healthy digestion
• Promotes healthy immune system
• Helps maintain natural energy levels
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