Large Aloe Vera to Buy

a big aloe vera received as a gift

So often I'm asked, "where can I find large aloe vera to buy?"

More and more I realize that I had quite a treasure when I had a large sunroom full of aloe vera plants and a lot of them were on the large side. In the little house where I live now, my aloe vera plants don't do nearly so well. And my Dad would probably be telling me that the difference lies in the kind of heating system. His home had a smooth, even, water boiler heat that just exuded from the copper pipes that passed through each room. There were no on-again, off-again radiator vents in the floor.

So I've taken to buying aloe vera capsules and juices to keep my health up, but since people keep writing to ask me, I have hunted online to look for places where you might at least buy some aloe vera plants on sale, and hopefully you can nurture them to a good size.

Here are some possible sources for Large Aloe Vera to Buy:

This Austrailian site lists sellers, but the list may change frequently, so - I'd go back from time to time - if I lived in Australia;

Here is a site in the UK that seems to have medium sized aloe vera plants for sale. Again, check back to see when they have large aloe vera to buy;

Even Amazon sometimes has Aloe Vera - Medicine Plant - Burn Plant - Miracle Plant etc. for sale. (Their stock may vary so go back from time to time to look for large aloe vera to buy) has aloe vera plants for sale that come from India.

aloe vera jungle in a pail

Note: I've become alert to the fact that many people are not knowledgeable about the aloes family of plants. There are many plants in that genus or class of plants, and aloe vera is just one. It's a very healthy one, and popular, but some of the others are not so good for you. Sometimes people have an experience with one of the other less-helpful aloes plants and they go around giving "aloe vera" a bad name. But they are using that name as a generic term to refer to the whole aloes family without recognizing that they may not have encountered or used a true aloe vera plant.

See how just a bit of knowledge can lead to trouble? Not everyone knows the difference between the various kinds of aloe plants in the Aloes category. Sometimes people mistake anything that looks similar to the aloe vera plant. Don't be fooled. It pays to KEEP learning!

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