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I've put together an herbal tea remedies e-book from OLD recipes that have been around for perhaps a hundred years or more. I have not tried them all out, because naturally, not all those ingredients are available in my area, but I think they are safe enough to try. Most herbal teas are - if you use some common sense.

I've resisted the temptation to make it a big book with many pages because I know how frustrated I would be to see how much paper goes through my printer then.

Instead, I've tried to crowd as many tea remedies to a page as possible, so that if you wish to keep the pages unbound, you could slide them into page protectors, or laminate them, and keep your most favourite, or most often-used pages laying around your kitchen. That way this e-cookbook is handiest for you!

This Ultimate Collection of Herbal Tea Remedies e-Cookbook is only 14 pages, including the cover, but it averages 6-8 recipes per page. This is a Zipped file, but once you open it with an unzip program on your computer, it will be a PDF file, which you can read as you wish. You can also see them on the following webpages.

After some basic tea-making instructions, it has tea recipes in categories like this;
Teas for Colds and Flu Remedies
Herbal Teas to Aid in Good Digestion
Teas for Bad Breath
Herbal Teas for Energy and Memory
Teas to Make You Relax, Get Rested
Herbal Teas to Heal
Teas that Heal - Brewing Recipes

Many of the teas are discussed on this website, on various pages, but that doesn't help you when you need them in a hurry in your kitchen. This is why I've compiled them into a simple herbal teas remedies e-book that you can download and print out on letter-sized paper at home. This e-book is to be a convenience for you.

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Just click on the cover image above with the right-side of your mouse. (Left-clicking gives you an 404 page). Choose "Save Link As..." from the little menu that pops up. Guide the next window to where you like to save your downloaded e-books. Now go to that place, desktop or folder, and click on the file name "herbalremedies-teas-kw.pdf" to open it.


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