Magnificent Magnesium

Magnificent Magnesium is what Sara needs!

Sara's mother has just passed away, and Sara, at age 60, feels somewhat stressed. She knows friends who have gone to the doctor and got something for it, so she makes an appointment for her annual full checkup.

Stress can deplete our magnesium levels, and her doctor is in a hurry, so when he discovers some hypertension, he prescribes a diuretic, thinking it is brought on by her age. He does not even think about testing her magnesium level. He asked her to come back in an month to keep an eye on the hypertension. (He rushed out so fast she didn't have time to mention her mother's death, and all her work of cleaning up her mother's estate, besides coping with the loss).

Neither Sara or the doctor realize that diuretics will deplete the body even further of magnesium, so of course, a month later her hypertension numbers are higher. Her doctor feels he caught her problem early and just prescribes even higher strengths of hypertension drugs, plus another anithypertensive drug - just to be extra cautious. He also prescribes a cholesterol-lowering statin drug.

Of course, at the next appointment a month later, Sara's blood sugar is sky-high. This time the doctor adds a diabetic drug.

MAGNESIUM - Missing Link to Better Health

Sara only becomes weaker and depressed because her magnesium is all used up, and there's none left to fight her health problems for her any more. Neither Sara or her doctor have magnesium even cross their minds. When the doctor orders more complete blood work, there is a test for magnesium as a matter of course. However, the result is deceptive, since her blood has already sucked the last of her magnesium out of her bones and tissues (causing restless legs and cramps, plus constipation), and the last traces of magnesium shows up in the blood test, fooling the doctor into not seeing the great shortage caused by the drugs he has prescribed.

By now, because of the doctor's comments about danger to her heart, she adds fear of a heart attack to her big bundle of worries and stress.

Does this story have a familiar ring to it? Maybe you have experienced it yourself, or a loved one has.

All this while, if the doctor had listened to Sara's concerns over her mother's death, and encouraged her; and suggested some over-the-counter magnesium, all this could have been prevented. Her stress would not have turned into depression. Even if he had prescribed magnesium instead of the diuretics, the hypertension would have cleared up in a couple of days. Her blood sugar would have been fine, and she would have bounced back to a normal, and energetic lifestyle.

In my research reading on supplements I learned long ago that taking calcium for my osteoporosis doesn't do me much good unless I take sufficient magnesium with it. For these minerals work like dance partners. Calcium contracts muscles and tissues, while magnesium relaxes them. Magnesium even acts as a gatekeeper, getting rid of excess calcium, which keeps it from calcifying and turning parts of our body into deadwood.

Through an e-book by Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., I've learned recently that magnesium does far - far more than just those chores in our body!

It clears up depression and lifts our mood, it acts as a natural diuretic. Magnesium enhances insulin secretion and helps insulin transfer glucose into cells. Without sufficient magnesium, glucose and insulin build up in the blood, causing various types of tissue damage. Therefore, adopting a good diet and taking magnesium are the first steps in treating diabetes. It is a good control for cholesterol, and prevents blood from abnormal clotting, (calcium will still cause clotting when it is necessary), whereas statin drugs destroy the whole process.

There is so much more to learn about this Magnificent Magnesium!

I've tried to avoid taking prescription drugs as much as possible; now my resolve is just strengthened. Why go down that rocky road to worsening health conditions?

Right now magnesium is my new HERO supplement! I want to become more familiar with it. If you would like to do so too, let me give you a link where you can read or download Dr. Carolyn Dean's whole Magnesium e-book

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