What Sugar Does to You

such a delicious-looking cherry ice cream cone  but what will the sugar do to you?

Do you really want to know what sugar does to you?

I heard on the news; it has come out - the sugar industry PAID research scientists back in the 1960s to minimize the link between sugar and heart disease, and instead push saturated fat as the offending cause.

A researcher at UCSF discovered the documents, and published them in the JAMA Internal Medicine. That wrong information as a result of the falsified research got into medical school textbooks and our dietary standards. In fact, we've been fed this by large ladles full in our media and by the soft drink companies, fast food chains, etc.

So what's the truth then, about what sugar does to you?


This is going to sit "sour" with you.

The high fructose corn syrup used in processed foods, and which the sugar companies tell us are "safe in moderation" are just as bad a sugar! It is made from GMO corn. Even table sugar is one part glucose and one part fructose. Our liver breaks down 20% of the glucose, but stashes all of the fructose in our body. So, our cholesterol goes up. Our blood sugar goes up! As a result we get more inflammations!

Our inflamed spots (arthritis in the joints, etc.) are crying for cholesterol, but the sugar has already destroyed so much of that. We hurt!

As the walls of our intestines become more permeable to toxins, they let them in, which eat holes in our gut, and then the toxins gleefully go scampering about other parts of our body. Sugar feeds those toxins, so they multiply! We hurt some more!

what sugar does to you

We get sick and sicker and sicker!

When I was a teen, in our church youth group was a girl who knew it was wrong to swear, but she liked to use strong, colourful language, so she decided to use the exclamation, "Sugar!" when she wanted to be super emphatic. I thought that was funny. Now I wonder if I should not think of 'sugar' as a swear word. Or at the very least, something so bad and wicked that I set off all kinds of alarm bells in my mind whenever I hear or say the word, "Sugar."

At another point in my life, some decades later, when I was dealing with troublesome allergies, I prayed and told the Lord that I'd be willing to accept an allergy to sugar, if He would just deliver me from the other allergies. For a few years that seemed to be true. I avoided sweets diligently. But after Dad died, and I returned to a more social life, I decided that I wanted to be free of that "hangup" too, and eat whatever was put in front of me. I didn't seek them out, but I got used to eating sweets when they were put in front of me.

Now I realize that I need to learn to despise and avoid sugar like a plague! Maybe if I stick to raw, unsweetened vegetables for a while I can lose the pounds I've gained just this past year.

What do you think? Are you ready to declare war because of what sugar does to you?

Feel free to write and tell me how you plan to deal with this issue.

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