How to Get Mind and Body Coherent and Cooperative

VoxxLife NeuroVax: Optimizes Your Immune System. Yes! a mere Patch on your skin can do this! This video explains it best.


In plain English, our neural reflexes and immune responses, working together, can bring our body back to homeostasis. All it takes is the ever so gentle pressure of a little patch you wear on your upper arm.

The VoxxLife NeuroVax patch is a ground-breaking new addition to the VoxxLife product line. These patches can be worn for forty-eight hours each, and they work hard to optimize your immune system and improve physiological homeostasis. Dr. Mark DeBrincat explains exactly how this phenomenon works, and how the NeuroVax patch can improve your body’s neurology and physiology.

Brain scans and dark-field imagery show that wearers achieve a more robust immune system soon after donning their NeuroVax patch. According to Dr. DeBrincat, “within one hour of putting the NeuroVax patch on, the [wearer’s] blood has already started to show profound changes.” Check out the above video to see for yourself! (Feel free to watch it again if you have trouble grasping what happens."

“Simply put, wearing the NeuroVax will help connect your central nervous system to your immune system, bringing your body back to homeostasis, creating better chemistry and better biology. This is going to allow you and your loved ones to experience a more robust immunity.”

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Wearable Tech? What's that?

This an exciting new development in the health and wellness field, where instead of drugs, or other invasive medical methods, you can wear some items of clothing or these patches that can affect the nerves just under your skin and thus, with a subtle touch affect your nerous system throughout your body and do things like improve your balance when you stand or walk, or help you to sleep at night, or as in the case of this unique patch which Dr. DeBrincat has studied ever so carefully can influence your immunity to a better level of health and sense well-being.

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