What GMO Stands For

Some are saying that what GMO stands for is, Get Massively Obese."

Do you know what GMO stands for? There was a huge furor a few years ago when some large corporations, like Monsanto particularly came out with patents for scientifically engineered seeds that they said was going to take care of feeding the world. There were many who saw dangers in that and fought to prevent those seeds from being sold to farmers. However, the big corporations won, and so in some countries GMO corn, soy and wheat is grown.

GMO really stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. That basically means that laboratories spliced the DNA for some plants with some other plants or animals, even viruses and bacteria - to create special traits or features in the succeeding generations of seeds. Their goal was to keep the seeds from being affected by weeds or diseases. Perhaps they also believed that if they filled the junk food with GMO, people who insist on eating such stuff, would end up healthy in spite of themselves. (Ha! That has backfired!)

Enough years have passed so that lab studies show what kind of effects GMO foods really have on rats. We only need to look around and see that the same effects are seen in people who eat the foods made with GMO foods. The results are worse than the opponents first dreamed.

No, you won't see cobs or corn in the supermarket with obvious signs of GMO all over them. The GMO crops are turned into high fructose corn syrup which is a main ingredient in just about every single processed food on our dear planet. Particularly in soda. The GMO corn is used to make snack chips and crackers, and the corn oil and soybean oil you use in your kitchen for baking, frying, whatever. Because labels do not have to say which ingredients have GMO sources, you may have no clue.

That is until you see the results in your body!

The lab results show that rats given the GMO foods grow obese fairly quickly, and they eat more and more. It only took 90 days to see these dramatic results in a study done in Norway. There is also a chain reaction effect, for when the fat rats ate fish that had been raised on GMO corn, the rats got obese more quickly. What's more, they lost the ability to digest proteins and they experienced immune response system changes that did not happen if they ate other fish.

The studies on humans are not in yet, but just look around you; who do you see eating junk food and getting extremely obese, and having immune deficiency problems? Who seems to be constantly hungry, no matter how much they eat?

Has this been happening to you at an alarming rate? Are you feeling you are caught in a trap you can never get out of? Perish the thought. let's hope not!

But it is obvious that obesity rates are sky-rocketing, and more and more are diagnosed with autoimmune diseases and a number of food sensitivities. It cannot be coincidence.

What else to do about GMO Foods:

Read labels when shopping for groceries; there are little stickers on individual fruits and vegetables. If it is a 4-digit number it is traditionally grown (non-GMO)produce. But if it is a 5 digit number, check for the first digit. If it is a 9, it is organic food, if it is an 8 it is GMO! Don't buy it. (Oops, I just learned that they have changed that and foods with the #8 can now apply to ANY foods. Which means we are up a tree again!)

Learn to recognize them and avoid such food as MUCH as possible, be particulary careful with processed foods - ready cooked, so you can eat it right away, or just warm up in the microwave. By law organic food is so labelled, if it is not, assume that it has GMO ingredients.

Learn to cook raw fruits and vegetables or eat them raw (as long as there is not a number starting with #8 on the code sticker)

Buy organic if you can possibly afford it. At least foods that you will eat skin and all, such as grapes, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers.

If cost is a problem, look for fruits and vegetables that you can/will be peeling. If they have been sprayed you can avoid most of the chemicals that way.

If you know you have been eating GMO foods, try to get your digestive tract cleansed and replace the good bateria with healthy probotics. Hopefully you will be able to recover your health.

Work at losing any excess weight - it will only contribute to more health issues if you keep it.

Remember, you can't sue anyone for your health problems. It is up to you to make the right decisions, and if you make the wrong ones and fall into bad health - you have to pay the costs that arise from that. That's the bottom line.

So I urge you to make a decision to choose your food carefully, cleanse your body, and then build it up with exercise and sensible, self-controlled eating of good, clean foods.

If you are starting to believe that what GMO stands for is truly - Getting Massively Obese, I hope it scares you into avoiding that condition.

P.S. Do you know what the Bible says will happen at the end times?

In the Tribulation Years there will be a great shortage of oil and grain and so there will be a great famine as well as chemical warfare. You really don't want to be here here. Your only escape though is to be Raptured together with the Church when Christ comes to take us to Heaven. You ought to learn about that as the only sure insurance to be absent during the Tribulation.

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