Saving Bits of a 50 Year-old
Aloe Vera Plant

How to Save 3 Little Parts of an Old Aloe Vera?

Kathy wrote, "I have three very little parts of a aloe plant, how can I make it grow and save it? I can send pictures.

My First Answer:

If you have just little parts of the plant, without a rootlet at the end, then you won't be able to plant those. But if your little pieces are true baby aloe vera plants, then you just need to get a cup or tumbler with some garden dirt, and moisten the soil, and poke a hole with your finger, and stick the rootlet end in there. Press the dirt around the bottom, and you have planted a new aloe vera plant. Easy as that!

If you can send me some photos that would help a lot in understanding what exactly you have to work with. Please do!

Kathy did send photos, adding, "This is what is left of a 50 year old plant, my husband said he used 'miracle grow' and it killed it. What do you think?

Kathy's larger baby aloe vera plant

My Second Answer:

Kathy, I have good news for you!

Kathy's two wee baby or offset aloe vera plants

Yes, you have true baby aloe vera plants or offsets there! Go ahead and plant them. After some weeks and months you'll have several plants.

If you like you can pull off the paper thin, almost transparent dried up leaves on the side, but the narrow little poker thing at the bottom is the rootlet.

I've heard that aloe vera plants can live to be 100, and that before they die, they try to get some offspring started, and even to bloom. Although I had one pail full of several plants that bloomed roughly about once or twice a year. (Maybe it was worried about dying - I'm not sure).

For a more detailed photo story of how I transplant my baby or offset aloe vera plants, see this page, and another about Propagation

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