Aloe Vera Cosmetics

You are sure to find aloe vera cosmetics, or products which contain aloe vera on any cosmetic counter anywhere in the world, or the internet. They are in every-day products such as bubble bath, body lotion, sun creams, shampoo, moisturisers, lipstick, the list goes on and on.

Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti used Aloe Vera in their beauty regime because they realized that it kept them looking young, and they nicknamed the plant - "the fountain of youth."

Why is Aloe Vera such a popular skin product? "Is it safe?" some visitors to this site ask me.

Aloe Vera penetrates deep into all three layers of our skin, the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous tissue. This is something which very few skin products can do, therefore its healing benefits don't just treat the top layer but treat all three layers. No wonder everyone wants to add this wonder-working ingredient to their cosmetics.

What exactly are the benefits of aloe vera cosmetics to the skin?

Aloe Vera helps renew skin by helping to repair and maintain it. Aloe Vera is soothing so is especially helpful with cuts and sunburn. It is anti-inflammatory. It is anti-bacterial. It is anti-fungus. It is anti-viral.

It's as easy as saying A-B-C to make your own home-made beauty products, especially aloe vera cosmetics! After all, that's exactly what Cleopatra and Queen Nefertiti did. What is more, by making your own you know exactly what goes into them (eg. no nasty chemicals).

First, do a small skin patch test on the inside of your wrist or the back of your ear where the skin is thinner. Wait 24 hours to see if you have a reaction. It is very rare that someone is allergic to Aloe Vera, however you might just be that rare person, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Jennifer sent in these very basic recipes to share:

Aloe Vera Cosmetics

Aloe Cleanser
Aloe Vera can be used by itself as a cleanser. Take a small amount of Aloe Vera gel onto a cotton wool pad and cleanse your face and neck - with upwards strokes.

Aloe Vera Face Mask with honey
This face mask, mixed with jojoba oil, leaves your skin feeling soft and silky. It is ideal for all skin types.
3 Tbsp White Kaolin Clay
1 Tbsp aloe vera juice
2 ½ tsp jojoba oil
1 tsp honey

Mix the above ingredients together until they form a paste. If you need to make the mixture thicker you can add more clay. If you need to make it thinner add more aloe vera juice. Let it sit for at least 30 minutes before applying to your face, neck and shoulder area. Now relax while the mask goes to work for 20-30 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.


Special thanks, Jennifer! I really appreciate these recipes in this article, and I'm sure many others will too!

Personally, I've made my own calendula ointment and added aloe vera to it. I'll have to write up the recipe for you too sometime.

To tell you the truth, I seem to be in a season of life right now, where, although I understand that I can control and master my own recipes for cosmetics, I'd almost as soon have a good source of them ready-made up to high standards. Guess what, I believe I have found them!

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