Watering an Aloe when Weak or Soft?

by Bonnie

I am a first time owner of a long stalked Aloe plant.
It is in a large pot, and up until I put it outside, the stalks have been firm. Now they are getting where you can feel it give if you put
pressure on them.

Everybody says do not water it, bit it seems to me, that is why the stalks are soft; they are lacking water.

It is on a porch, under the eaves, with a northwestern face. It does not get full sun but 3 or hours a day. Otherwise it is indirect
light. Can you help me?

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May 22, 2017
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by: Bonnie

I did water the Aloe, and it did get full stiff stalks again. I made sure the water did not sit in the water catch plate.

Thank you. I will be asking more questions.

May 22, 2017
I Agee - Water Your Aloe Plant!
by: Ruth

Hi Bonnie,
I agree - water your aloe plant!

A photo would have been nice, as I'm not totally sure what you mean by stocks on a tall aloe plant. It could be a unique variety, but if you mean the leaves, filled with aloe vera gel, which I suspect most strongly, then yes, I agree - water your aloe plant.

An aloe plant that is getting all the moisture it requires will usually have strong, plump leaves filled with great healing gel. When it does not get enough water it will go limp and the leaves will droop and hang down. Often with kink in them.

I'm glad you describe it as facing in a north-wesstern direction, and not getting full sun all day. My plants tend to go yellow and limp when they get too much sun. But then up here in the Canadian prairies we don't easily put our aloe plants outside. Except in the summer and then in a place where they won't suddenly get sunburned.

Since you are in Georgia, I am pretty sure you can have your aloe plant outside year round. However, it may be getting just enough sun in those 3 hours a day to dehydrate it somewhat. Give it some water for a few days and see if the leaves don't just get plump and firm.

A happy plant is soon sprouting babies near the base too.

Although I've been known to say that when I neglected and forgot an aloe vera plant, it would frantically have babies, as if determined to start new plants before it would die itself. :)

I hope these answers help!

Blessings & Thanks,

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