Varieties of Aloe Vera

by Gill

I have been on various Aloe Vera sites and noticed that another Aloe that was used was a very large, thick plant, unlike the one demonstrated on your site.

I am lucky enough to live in Africa where I have plenty of Aloe's in my garden - I am a bit confused as to which are the correct plants to use.

Are all Aloe's classed as Aloe Vera and safe to use as I have several different varieties, and are they all edible?

Many thanks,

Ruth Replies;
Gill, did you get to this page about Aloe Cousins on this site?

I'm guessing that you have aloe ferox plant in your area, as it is native to South Africa. I'm just beginning to learn about it.

Just as cousins may all have the same grandparents, yet be rather different from one another, aloes do have certain traits common to them all, and some differences in appearances, taste, etc. Therefore, I expect they are all healing plants, but may vary in some features.

We still have lots to learn about aloes! ;)


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