Unidentifid Aloe

by Ashley

What type of Aloe is this?

What type of Aloe is this?

Do you know what type this is? Can't find it anywhere.

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Jan 04, 2016
Help Ashley identify this Aloe
by: Ruth

Hi Ashley,
I'm sorry you've had to wait this long. I just discovered your message.

It definitely is of the aloes family of plants, but which one it is specifically is harder to say.

I just went to http://horizonherbs.com and checked their succulents page. A couple look similar to your plant, but I can' quite be sure it is the same.

Perhaps if you wrote Richo on that site, he would quickly be able to name it for you.

Is it imported from South Africa, by chance? It looks to me like one of those, the aloe ferox or the Windhoek, but I haven't seen them personally, so I'm not be best authority on them.

Maybe others will drop by and leave a comment that will help us? Let's hope.

Please do, folks, if you can help Ashley identify this aloe.


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