Sunburned Aloe Vera Plant

by Taz
(NSW, Australia)

We've been having a heat wave here. I thought I'd put my new Aloe Vera plant I bought a week ago outside the other day, for light & fresh air. I left it outside for 1 1/2 - 2 days on the balcony, where it would get lot of sunlight & fresh air.

By the end of day 1 or start of day 2, the soil was all dried out - but it looked healthy green, even early on day 2. But I forgot to check on it, and I left it outdoors much of day 2.

By the time I went out to check in the extreme heat of mid - late day 2, it was 1/2 brown, and the new, and baby bits were all brown.

By extreme heat, I'm talking 38-42 Degrees Celsius (I think 99F = approx 40 C) - in the shade a few meters away. This was kept in direct sunlight - which was of course much hotter!

When I saw it, I brought it in and poured 1/2 - 1 c water on it right away, and I'v not let it out yesterday or today.

I'm wondering if it will recover & turn green & healthy again after such harsh sunburn?

If so, will it do this naturally? & what do I need to do to help it recover quickly?
Will the sunburn cause rot / root rot / permanent damage to my new aloe vera plant?

I hope you can help! cause I can't find anything much to help.

Have a nice week!


Ruth's Reply; Your Poor Sunburned Aloe Vera Plant

(Sorry for the delay; life crowds in from different directions sometimes).

Sometimes we learn these things the hard way, don't we? I too, have put aloe vera plants outside thinking to do them a favour, and just about roasting them in the heat. And we don't have that kind of heat in Canada, as you do!

However, if you keep the aloe plant inside in a cool, comfortable place, and water it more frequently than one normally does, (for me, normal watering is once a week), then in some time it will recover and grow healthy again.

Remember, aloe vera plants are geared for life and health! I don't give up on them until they are really dead, brown, brittle leaves, and even the root is flaking away. As I've said, I've even neglected some aloe vera plants by not watering them for months on end, and somehow they continued to thrive. It is amazing what punishment aloe vera plants can take and still bounce back.

Do report back and let us know how your plant is doing after a while, okay? Before and after photos of your sunburned aloe vera plant would be nice too. :)

Blessings & Thanks,

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