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Seeds to Spare

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I've discovered that seed exchanges, especially of unique heritage seeds has become very popular. Well, I don't think I can afford the postage (nor the time!) if I were to package up all my spare seeds to give away for free. But I've decided that a tip of $2.00 should cover the postage costs. I'm going to try this as an experiment this fall to see how it goes. If it is popular but happens at a pace I can work into my otherwise already busy schedule, then hey, great. If not - well, then I'll drop it like I did with the idea of selling baby aloe vera plants. Some things just have to be done in a big way or not at all. But how will I know unless I have the courage to give it a try?

Available Seeds

This list may fluctuate according to the stock I have left, so I may be updating this every few days. I'm still bringing in a harvest of seeds from my garden, so new items may be added, while others are removed when I run low on any varieties.

Here are the seeds I've saved so far;


salmon pink hollyhocks

- I have a big tray full of hollyhocks salmon pink in colour. The mother plant grew to over 14 feet tall this summer! But that's not all. I've also saved quite a bit of the seeds from the black hollyhock. They were very vivid and dramatic. (Besides that, last Saturday a neighbour let me have some pods of her white and rose pink hollyhocks. I hope to have more seeds of those to share eventually).

French Marigolds

French Marigolds

- these are miniatures of the regular, full-sized marigolds, but I think I like these much better. The flowers are more compact and colourful, and usually last all summer in my garden. I try sometimes to keep the different colours separated, so I have jars and containers full of seeds saved from yellow marigolds, orange marigolds, vivid red/russet marigolds,m and what I call bronze marigolds. You may want to specify if you prefer a certain colour range, but I also have some that I've marked "mixed" so then you get a variety of all the colours. - Remember, if you save the dead flowers, you have more than enough seeds for the following year!

Calendula Flowers

- these are of the general marigold family, but the flowers are a single layer of petals which are a paler orange-yellow, and they don't bloom as long as the French Marigolds. The calendula flowers only last a few days. However, these flowers and the leaves are a very healing herb, which you can turn into a tea or use in an ointment that you make at home.



- these do not bloom the first year you sow them, but the second year and every year after that (unless you pull them out) will have a host of lovely white daisies, which appear to float on the breeze, as they grow on tall thin stems that are about 24 inches off the ground. Some years they last most of the summer. This year they seemed to finish sooner. Because these are perennials you will only have to sow them once.

Morning Glories

pink morning glories

- when I was a child my Gr'ma Kroeker had lovely sky blue morning glories climbing up the east side of their farmhouse. When I grew up I seemed to have a burning desire to get some "morning glories" for my place. One day my cousin Roger's wife sent me some pink morning glories, and warned me that they are hard to get rid of once they get established. I've sowed them by a white mesh fence a neighbour put up, and I don't have to sow them again. They keep coming up and spreading around so they even come up inside my garage! Every fall I have to stand by the fence, and pick the dried vines off the wire mesh, and of course, I save the seeds!


- I grew with this herb growing wild in our pasture and the ditches of our village, and I knew it only by the Low German or Plaut Dietsch name that Mennonites used. Eventually I discovered that you can find it in English seed catalogues as sorrel, or sometimes French sorrel, or even sheep sorrel.

These leaves are not as picoted as a dandilion leaf, but otherwise resembles it a bit. The leaves have a slightly sour, tangy taste, and we always used it for my favourite borscht, (soup), which had smoked ham or sausage in it, potatoes, and a couple of big hands full of this herb. I always went gladly if I was sent to pick a big handful of "zourrump" (I'm guessing at the spelling). That meant we were going to have summa borscht for supper!

Since then I've learned that these leaves work well as salad greens too. The best part is that they are out and green, ready to pick often before all our snow had melted in the spring. Often it is the first fresh greens we can eat after a winter of store-bought food and things that were preserved or frozen the previous fall.

Sorrel sends up a tall stock in the center by the end of the summer and there is a cluster - a moppet - of red seeds hanging there. That must be why it spreads like a weed in the ditches and fields of our prairie province. I've gathered one of those moppets of seeds, and have some to share with you - if you'd like some.


- I'm still using the successive generations of seeds from the tomato seeds I found in Gr'ma's room at the Home for the Aged. In fact, by planting the yellow tomatoes near the red ones I have a new variety that is more golden coloured and has picked up the less acidic nature of the yellow tomatoes, but the larger sizes of the red ones. Now here I won't have such large quantities of seeds to spare, but can give up some of them. You may have to be quick to order here though, as there will only be a few envelopes of seeds to spare.


- In May I visited a cousin and his family in Calgary, and and Ken gave me a shopping bag full of vegetable seeds! There's enough to set up a farm of beats and beans, and so forth! I can never use them all up in my small backyard garden. Never! So I'm prepared to put them into small envelopes to sell and send to you. Rest assured that I will be generous. I don't mind beets occassionally, but not THAT much! :)


- I don't have them all before me at this moment, but there must be 8 or 9 varieties of beans. Smaller bundles than the beets, but I know I have enough to share with you. I'll add the colours and varieties soon.

Time to Place Order

You can always contact me via my "reach me" form to discuss whether certain seed choices are still available. Or any other questions about the seeds. But when you are ready to place your order, you just click the PayPal button, and on the PayPal screen put down the number of items - each at $2.00 (which includes shipping by mail), and in the comments box, enter the names of the seeds you want, and how many of each.

Note: If you are using a credit card you do not have to be a member of PayPal first to complete this transaction.

Blessings on you for placing this order! We'll both be happy gardeners as a result!

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