Root Rot on Aloe Vera Plant

by Ron
(Cleveland, OH)

I inherited my grand fathers aloe plant. It has done well for the last few years but this spring it started to look sickly and I repotted it.

After that the leaves at the base became slime and the rots fell off.

I trimmed the rot off with a sterile razor and I am letting it set to scab over like I have with my jade plant.

Will I be able to save the aloe or is it just going to rot?


Ruth's Response;
Hi Ron,
I've had that happen sometimes too, but it seems to be related to watering the aloe vera too much. When I neglect the plant for a while - like weeks of not watering it, the plant heals itself.

Cutting away the dead rot or mushy leaves is a good idea. You don't want insects or disease to settle there and spread to the whole plant.

It's possible that others with more knowledge or experience will share here, so we can all learn to take better care of our aloe vera plants.

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