Rescue Ignored
Aloe Vera Plants

Just last night I had an email from a man who rescued ignored aloe vera plants. . . (You'll want to see these!)

Eric Thomson's large aloe vera plants

Hi Ruth,
It was only by accident that I found your web page but I'm glad I did because I was just about to do a makeover on my garden and "bin" 3 nice big aloe vera plants with numerous "babies."

Instead, I have potted the large plants and also potted 35 small ones.

I live in Australia so hopefully the weather here means it won't be too long until the small plants are big enough to harvest the leaves.

So thank you for all the info on your web page as I'm certainly going to be taking your advice on eating the aloe gel......Regards, Eric Thomson.

I was thrilled! Far too often, to my way of thinking, people are destroying or throwing out perfectly good aloe vera plants because they don't know what they have there! So my call to you is, don't throw them away! Please, rescue ignored aloe vera plants where ever you find them!

This morning I got another email from Eric with two photos of his plants. They are gorgeous! Beautiful!

Eric adds, "As you can see I left a couple of the "babies" on the largest plant, (I felt I should leave a couple)

My wife and I started taking the gel yesterday and we didn't really mind the slightly bitter taste.......So once again Ruth, thank you and feel free to use these photos if want.

Eric Thomson's baby aloe vera repotted

Again, I am so very pleased, and hope you, my dear reader, will keep your eyes open for aloe vera plants to rescue. Maybe your neighbour is throwing hers out, or you find some dumped beside a public path. Rescue these precious plants. Get them into a container - unless you live in a warmer climate without winters like we have here in Canada, in which case you can plant them outdoors. Maybe in a shady spot so they don't roast in the sunshine.

As Eric's baby aloe vera plants grow, word might get around and people will come asking to buy them from him. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the one question I get asked most often by visitors to my website is, "Where can I find or buy aloe vera plants?" They like the idea of harvesting this healthy plant right at home, but don't know where to buy them.

(I think there is a business idea in all of this, but I already have my hands full of projects, so you may run with it if you want).

For people who live in a warm, southern climate (without winters!) I suggest you look all around you. Even on neglected, vacant lots or fields. There are hundreds of plants from the Aloes family. Aloe Vera is the best known for medicinal purposes, but hey, if you find a large plant with dusty pink leaves as big as your arm, you may have an aloe ferox plant which is 8 times as strong as the aloe vera plant. You can also find aloes that grow tall spikes of red flowers shooting up in the middle, or some grow on trees! It would be a good idea to research their properties, and see if you can sell the plants, or - maybe ointments and drinks you can make from them. Remember: research the plants you have first, so you know how safe they are and their strength. You might have to dilute some

Please let this message stick; If you find cast-aways, please rescue ignored aloe vera plants.

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