Radiator Burn

by phonebooth

I got burned from the radiator, opening it up to fill it with more water.

A friend of mine got burned in the same area.

I put aloe vera on mine from the plants we had in the garden. It was actually my uncle who suggested it, and did it for me.

My friend went to the doctor for the same thing. but he had bandaged his up.

Weeks later I showed no signs of a burn but his was all scarred up. From then on, I understood the healing power of the great aloe vera plant.

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Sep 01, 2014
Ruth's Reply:
by: Ruth

This is a wonderful testimony to the healing power of aloe vera in a burn. I have such a story too, with photos, on this site, of how I burned my hand on a coffee maker on Easter Sunday. But now no one can tell which hand had the burn!

See https://www.aloe-vera-and-handy-herbs.com/aloe-vera-the-burn-plant.html No scars whatsoever!

Anyone else have such stories to tell?

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