My Big Daddy Aloe - How to Give Away Baby Aloe Vera

by Tracy

If someone can please help! I thought my Aloe would stop having babies when it suddenly grew a flower. I had to look up what it was doing cause I had NO idea what was growing out of it. I thought now that it was mature it would stop procreating.

I'm not saying baby Aloes are a bad thing. It's just that I've already given away twenty-one baby aloes and my very first baby Aloe is now really HUGE and has eleven babies. People were really excited to get free Aloe plants from me. Now I'm running out of people to give them away too.

I don't feel selling them would be right. Any ideas??

Ruth's Reply

Congratulations, Tracy! You have a very healthy aloe vera plant there, (whether it is a Daddy or a Mommy is beside the point). :)

Do not feel badly about selling your plants, or giving them away. Believe me, I have people asking me about getting plants from me quite often.

My advice would be to simply put the new offsets into paper cups of dirt, and get the word out.

You can place free ads on sites like Kijiji, or put some posters up on public bulletins. Make some small cards or posters and give them to your friends to pass on to others.

Look at your sharing of your baby aloe vera plants as a kindness you can do for others, Tracy. Some of them may really need that plant one day to save their health or even their lives.

Blessings on you, Tracy!

P.S. We must not hoard such good treasures as our aloe vera babies!

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