Mother's Aloe Vera Plant

by Helen

My mother's aloe vera plant is now about 18" tall. I noticed today, about half way up the main stem there are new shoots coming out, as well as new babies are coming out the bottom like it is supposed it.

What am I supposed to do about these new shoots?
(If you need any more info or want me to send a photo I can).

Thanx, Helen

Ruth's reply;
Hi Helen, Congratulations on all those new shoots on your mother's aloe vera plant. You must both be doing something right. :)

If you'd like to send photos that's always fine. (Though it may be tricky to add it to this page now).

It just means that your plant is healthy and wants to have some offsets, or as I say, "babies."

You really don't have to do anything if you don't want to. If you leave the babies alone they will grow and just make the pot full. But if you like, this is a good time to gently pull the babies away, hopefully getting about an inch of root with each one.

Now you can plant them in another pot, and increase your supply of aloe vera plants. There are always people looking for one, so you can give or sell them to others too.

If your mother's aloe vera plant is healthy like that, it may suddenly shoot up a long round stick of a stem and there will be flowers on top.

Wishing you and your mother lots of pleasure from your mother's aloe vera plant.


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