Mother plant bare of leaves

by Lisa

My Aloe was way past due to be repotted. I saved many of the pups but the central mother plant lost about 30cm (1 foot) of leaves on the bottom due to being broken or just not very I gently pulled them off. The stem seems healthy and there is a healthy root on the end. I have it resting on paper until I get your advice as to what to do with it now.

Would you say that I should cut most of the stem and root off and plant the top or should I bury the entire root and stem up to the bottom leaves in (cactus) soil?

Looking forward to hearing your wisdom.

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Dec 19, 2016
Saving the Mother Aloe Vera Plant
by: Ruth

Oh Lisa,
I'm sorry - I haven't been seeing these submission messages so I'm rather late in answering this. I hope you've solved your problem by now.

If not, (or for the sake of others), it is time to take a studied look at the mother plant and decide which way to go. Or, hey, maybe you could do both!

Repot the root of the mother plant, and also plant the upper portion in another pot. Both are destined to die if you don't do anything, but if you try both - who knows, you might get two new plants out of it.

Now, if the upper portion doesn't have any kind of root, it may not live. But - what if you succeed? It's worth a try, isn't it?

That's how I learn what to do with plants. I may lose some, but sometimes I gain a new plant and new wisdom too!

Go for it!

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