Mother Aloe Vera Plant Bare of Leaves

by Lisa

A Mother Aloe Vera Plant Bare of Leaves

My Aloe was way past due to be repotted. I saved many of the pups but the central mother plant lost about 30cm (1 foot) of leaves on the bottom due to being broken or just not very I gently pulled them off.

The stem seems healthy and there is a healthy root on the end. I have it resting on paper until I get your advice as to what to do with it now.

Would you say that I should cut most of the stem and root off and plant the top or should I bury the entire root and stem up to the bottom leaves in (cactus) soil?

Looking forward to hearing your wisdom.

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Oct 03, 2016
Repotting Mother Aloe Vera Plant without Leaves
by: Ruth

Hi Lisa,
thanks your your kind words.

It is always sad to see a mother plant look like that.

Aloe vera is not a plant that you can start new ones from a leaf alone. Like each of the pups or offsets, some root is needed.

So in this case with the mother aloe vera plant, I'm glad to hear it still has a healthy root. I would repot that root and I think you'll be pleased to see that it starts over again.

However, it may sprout new stems and leaves in different directions; not straight upright. So this plant may look a little odd. I've had some where most of the plant seemed to hang over and grow beside the pot.

That may not be suitable for showing off in your company parlour. But if it thrives and grows, I'd keep it handy in the kitchen, and use the leaves as needed.

You may have to patiently pamper the mother-root for a while, but it WANTS to grow, so sooner or later it is quite likely to shoot out stems and leaves. You will get a new plant out of it.

I hope this helps you, Lisa, and perhaps some others too.

Blessings & Thanks,

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