Most Beneficial Species of Aloe?

by Bill Tilden
(Sopchoppy, Fl)

I live in central Florida and have seen Aloe in the kitchens of many homes, however, I am not sure of which variety (specie) is the most medicinally (sp?) potent and preferred.

If you could kindly assist with a name I can identify it at

Thank you,
Bill Tilden

Hi Bill,
The more you research aloe plant varieties the more you will find. There seems to be no end of them. On this page on this site, you will find my research into varieties of the aloe family. The estimates range from 300 to 500 or more varieties!

However, it appears that all of them have some healing properties, and God in His wisdom, has just spread the varieties around the world according to the natural habitat. Your best bet is to ask the people in Florida what kind works best there. Sometimes you can grow exotic plants from another country, but with difficulty.

I've read that the aloe ferox from South Africa is a number of times more potent than our North American aloe vera, but - it's the size of a small tree, Shipping one to you and then setting it up in your house... might have it's challenges.

Anyway, let's see if anyone else chimes in and tells us which aloe type is best for your area.

Blessings, Bill - May you soon have a good aloe!

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