making a tea

by Kathellen Patterson
(Oakland, CA)

One of my friends was recently attacked by someone wielding a knife. Fortunately all of my friend's injuries were superficial cuts with minimum bleeding although one jab was just outside the corner of her inner eye - just missing the eye but at a spot to cause a clot on the eye's surface as well as a black eye. She used aloe for the usual treatments - the cuts.

I then searched for use in her inner eye. I did find a site (though i can't remember the name right now) with instructions on kind of steeping the plant then using drops of the liquid in her eye.

The results were astonishing - her eye, both the clot and blackened outer skin cleared within a few days of use.

She then began steeping the aloe vera in larger quantities and making a tea which she drinks daily.

She's been previously diagnosed with chronic bronchitis but found after drinking the tea daily she didn't use her asthma pump at all. When she ran out of aloe, and subsequently didn't have her tea for a couple of weeks, she noted that the symptoms were returning.

She resumed the tea and noted that the clearing also resumed. She is close to 60 and also noted an increase in energy and stamina. Go Aloe!


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Aug 08, 2011
Thanks for this Wonderful Story About Aloe Healing
by: Ruth Friesen

Thanks, Kathleen, for sharing this experience of your dear friend. I am so glad for her that she wasn't hurt worse, and that the aloe vera has been such a part of her healing.

It's through experiences that we learn how much aloes can do for us. As you share these experiences others grow bolder in trying aloes out on their trouble spots.

May that aloe tea continue to keep your friend well!


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