Is Aloe Vera Safe for Kids to Take Internally?

by Shelley Huang
(Liverpool U K)

Can Aloe Vera be consumed on daily basis for a kid?

My daughter is 7 years old and has some eczema since she was born. I have lost count how many ways that I have tried, finally I decided to give it a go with Aloe Vera. I am rubbing fresh aloe gel on the affected area twice a day. I feel ok with the external use.

It's the internally consumption I am a bit skeptical which I would like my daughter to start. Twice a day, one tea spoon each time of the fresh aloe juice, would it be safe for a kid?

Many thanks,

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Feb 09, 2012
I'm totally convinced aloe vera is safe internally!
by: Ruth

Hi Shelley,
Glad you asked.

I'm totally convinced that aloe vera is safe to take internally. I do it daily, and I think it will only heal your daughter faster of her eczema.

You are wise to suggest just a spoonful at a time, but in no time - I think you'll be convinced too.

Perhaps others who are sold on aloe vera for internal use will share their testimonies here as well. hope so. :)


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