I hope you can tell me if this is edible

by Sherri Baehr
(central Florida)

I have had this plant for quite some time it put flowers on this past spring for the first time a long stem came up from the middle with a cluster of yellow tiny flowers on the top. it fell off in summer

I have been reading a lot of good things about aloe your site included and i want to try eating it with honey & juice but i need to make sure it is the edible kind hoping you can help me by my photos?

Can you tell me how I can tell?

Thank you for you time Sherri

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Sep 08, 2014
Identifying your Blooming Plant as an Aloes
by: Ruth Marlene Friesen

Hi Sherri and Anonymous,
I wish you would upload a photo of your plants. It would make identifying your aloe plant easier.

It does sound a lot like my aloe vera, some of which have bloomed at times too. That is with a tall thin stalk up the middle with small yellow flowers clustered at the top.

But I understand that there are many varieties of aloes and some have other kinds of flowers. That alone is not the only way to confirm what you have. We need to see, or have a clear description of the leaves too.

I've just discovered a site that sells many kinds of aloes plants and herbs, and has lots of photos. If you like you may want to check on a site like http://horizonherbs.com some some site that is similar.

I hope that helps for now. But feel free to comment again and upload a photo!

Sep 08, 2014
Re-Identifying Aloe Plant
by: Anonymous

This sounds like the same aloe plant I have and am also trying to identify. Difficult to find someone who feels confident enough to give me an answer!

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