Does Cutting Aloe Vera Roots Hurt Them?

by Lynda

I transplanted an aloe Vera plant. It was in a small container, but now in larger one.

Here's the question; I trimmed the roots before putting it in a new pot. Did I kill my plants?

Ruth's Reply;
Hmm...? so does cutting aloe vera roots hurt them?

I've always tried to let them keep their roots, assuming they need them to pull up nourishment for the plant. I suppose, Lynda, that a little trimming might not hurt.

The best way to find out is to watch your transplanted aloe vera in the bigger pot and see how they do. If they recover quickly and thrive, you will know that it didn't hurt them. - And I hope you'll let us know too!

If they have trouble holding their leaves up and go all limp and pale, then they have suffered some trauma.

Say, does anyone else know whether cutting aloe vera roots hurts them? Please share your experiences.


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